What Your Sock Says About You, According to Subscriptions

What Your Sock Says About You, According to Subscriptions

You know what they say: You can tell a lot about someone by their socks, or at least by their sock subscription service. According to the services offered by some sock subscription companies, your choice of socks reveals your attitude about life and how you want to present yourself in society – just like what your tie says about you, according to Socks . Read on to find out more about how your sock subscription subscription choice says something about you, whether it’s based on gender, occupation, personality type, or even political leaning...

The Personality Types
There are three basic personality types. The idea of their existence is not new but psychologists have been using different names for them: extraversion/introversion; sensing/intuition; thinking/feeling. In combination they form what’s called Socionics. Socionics is a school of psychology that is widely accepted in Russia. When all four types combine in an individual they can form 16 different personality patterns, with each pattern having its own specific set of strengths and weaknesses. Each pattern has a corresponding color assigned to it so you can easily remember what your socks say about you.

Artisanal Ties - New Experiences
One thing I love about artisanal ties is their ability to help me broaden my horizons. Of course, that’s not all they’re good for; they also bring a touch of old-world sophistication and formal style into my wardrobe. But lately I’ve been playing around with an idea in my head: maybe it’s time for me to actually take advantage of all these new experiences artisanal ties can offer? Here are three ways that Artisanal Ties have helped (and could continue to help) me live more

Classic Ties - Trustworthy
A long-standing symbol of authority and trustworthiness, a classic tie says I can be trusted. In many industries, people expect you to wear a tie when speaking with customers. For example, if you're doing business with your city's bank manager in hopes of getting a loan for your new home renovation project, he or she may ask you to put on a tie because it shows that you take his or her advice seriously. In these cases, ties represent trust. Don't feel like you need one just because someone asks—but do consider wearing one if it will set your client at ease. No one likes feeling like they are dealing with someone who doesn't respect their time and attention. Wearing a tie means showing that you'll handle your business professionally and with care.

Eco-Friendly Cotton Ties - Quality Time with Loved Ones
While all people love quality time with loved ones, eco-friendly cotton ties are becoming a popular choice for time spent with family. Eco-Friendly Cotton Ties is a new company that sells cotton neckties made of old socks, and has even founded a rather impressive Philosockphy! The company has gained much attention in recent years by not only their products but also their founding ideals. Eco-Friendly Cotton Ties embraces PhiloSnuism: an up and coming philosophy that brings together our need for organic materials while simultaneously promoting methods of sustainable energy production such as solar power. Snus is a Swedish tobacco product that comes in small pouches under your upper lip. And these really do taste great.

Woven Silk Ties - A Sense of History
Woven silk ties are known for their rich color and unique designs. For example, many of our top-rated woven silk ties come from designers with an almost philosophical focus on history and art. These types of artists typically sell a limited number of pieces per season, meaning your tie is even more likely to be a one-of-kind item. While it may not speak directly about you, your tie will at least have something smart to say.

Boho Boutique Ties - Mindfulness
A popular trend today is mindfulness. The idea behind mindfulness is that we should be aware of our thoughts and feelings without judging them. This concept can be applied to your style; why not wear what makes you feel good and in a way that makes others happy? There’s something inspirational about letting your unique personality shine through even when it comes to fashion! Go get yourself a tie-dye shirt, wear a vibrant pair of socks and do whatever else makes you feel good!

Denim Bow Ties - Creativity and Good Vibes
I'm just really inspired by denim ties. And that may seem like an odd choice for a self-proclaimed bow tie evangelist. But if you dig deeper, you'll find that my brand's philosophy is rooted in creativity and good vibes—two elements I believe denim ties represent perfectly. It's always fun when someone looks at what you're wearing and says Wow! That's just not something I would've thought of!. Usually, we don't wear clothing because it aligns with our values—we wear clothing because it aligns with our environment or how we want people to see us. Denim ties are different.

Striped Bow Ties - Humor
Striped bow ties are a statement of humor. People who love striped bow ties know how fun life can be and make sure that everyone is laughing with them. If you spot someone wearing a striped bow tie at your office, don’t be surprised if you see an ice cream truck in the parking lot during lunch! They’re not just a novelty; they make a clear statement that laughter and smiling are important parts of life. Striped bow ties: always funny but never corny.

Knit Bow Ties - Service Oriented
The quality of customer service provided by these companies is top notch. It’s not just about getting you a few pairs of stylish socks; it’s about providing an exceptional experience from start to finish. They make sure every step of your order process is both streamlined and simple. What’s more, most companies have a philosophy that the customer comes first, which means they are willing to go above and beyond for your business. This type of dedication is extremely important in today’s market where competition is fierce. If you want customers who come back again and again, Knit Bow Ties knows how to craft an amazing sock subscription service.