What Your Sock of the Month Says About You, According to Our Sock Club


Let’s be honest – we’ve all wondered what our sock of the month says about us, haven’t we? What does that say about my love of bright colors and travel? Or maybe my affinity for helping other people? But it’s not enough to wonder what our sock of the month says about us – we need answers! The good news is that Socks are here to help you decode your socks, tie by tie. (Because socks don’t have pockets.) We also have an entire community of like-minded individuals who are excited to meet you!


The Double Windsor Knot

The Windsor knot is one of many different types of knots that you can use to tie a bowtie. If you're looking for something with a little more oomph, then this is the knot for you. Step by step instructions below:
1) Tie an under-hand knot around your neck on top of your shirt collar. The backside should be facing out and it should be snug against your neck. 2) Grab both ends, cross them over each other and pull tight. 3) Take one end and bring it over the other and down through your collar loop from behind - so that it has now passed underneath itself in front.


The Four in Hand Knot

The Four in Hand is a classic knot that is easy to tie and has a broad symmetric shape. The symmetry makes it perfect for almost any occasion. If you're wearing a suit or simply dressed up for work, this knot will always be perfect. It's also hard not to think about Tom Wolfe when you see this knot as he's made it famous through his novel The Bonfire of the Vanities.


The Pratt Knot

Men's socks have been a little bit boring for a long time. Maybe it was because we were all just so used to them, or maybe it was because we had such low expectations that anything would be an improvement. Either way, when you saw someone wearing something different than your standard crew or dress socks, you knew they had made some effort. But these days things are different - now there are more choices than ever before! Whether you're looking for crazy colors and prints or more traditional styles like argyles and stripes, there is something out there for everyone. To help make your search a little easier we've put together our list of the best men's sock subscription clubs and sock of the month clubs available today.


The Balthus Knot

1) The Balthus Knot is what you might call a fancy knot, and it's an ideal choice for formal settings.