What Your Sock Choice Says About You


What do your socks say about you? You’d be surprised! In this article, we explain how the type of socks you choose, whether through subscription or purchase, can tell others what your personality is like and how they can relate to you on a personal level. We’ve also included some great sock subscription companies that you may want to check out! Read on to learn more!


In summer

Who doesn't love a little extra comfort in the heat? And what better way to enjoy them than with some crazy color dress socks! The crazy color dress socks are made from 75% Cotton, 25% Nylon and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Keep your toes cool as you stroll through the days with these fun socks for men. The best sock subscription around is from CrazySocks Club. They have the perfect gift for any man who enjoys his feet feeling great: our Mens Fun Crew Knee-Highs!


In winter

In the winter, you need something to keep your feet warm. One of the best things is to wear socks! We know it can be hard to find a pair that suits your style, so we put together a list of cool socks for men and some guidelines on what sock colors say about you:
Mens purple ankle socks are very popular this season. Purple is associated with luxury and royalty, so these are good if you want to look rich or like a king.
Mens colorful socks are also very in this winter. Bright colors represent happiness and positivity, which make them perfect for wearing when you're feeling down or stressed out. Plus, they come in fun patterns too!


Socks as part of an outfit

The socks that you wear can say a lot about your personality and sense of style. If you're looking to express yourself through your socks, we're here for you. We offer fun and colorful socks for men in a variety of styles, including dress socks, crew socks, and ankle socks. With our sock of the month club, you'll get two pairs of cool new socks delivered every month! Plus, we have the best crew socks out there - they come in tons of colors and are perfect for any occasion. With our awesome sock club, you'll get five pairs of crazy cool funky fresh new designer mens colorful ankle or crew socks delivered to your door each month.