What to Wear With Socks of the Month

sock of the month clubs are really taking off. And for good reason—having socks just show up at your door once a month has its perks, especially when it comes to getting cool socks that you’d otherwise have to search out or pay full price for. But it’s not enough to get socks shipped straight to your door each month. You need to know how to style these funny socks, too, so they look great with every outfit in your closet. Here are five ways to wear your sock of the month with any outfit you own!

Updating Your Wardrobe
If you’re looking for fun ways to update your wardrobe, a sock subscription box can be a great way to do it. They bring you new pairs of socks every month, while introducing you to new brands and styles. This can be a great way to step outside your comfort zone and add variety into your daily uniform. If you work in an office where business casual is acceptable, that might mean switching up socks with each new month’s package! At home? You may want to wear different socks depending on what part of the house you’re in – so you can change things up as much as you like. And if your sock drawer is starting to look a little drab, monthly subscriptions are another way to ensure things stay fresh. No matter how you put them to use, sock subscriptions will help get out of a rut when it comes to style. Whether it’s socks, t-shirts or ties – accessories are a great (and inexpensive) way to switch up your everyday outfit or make even the oldest pieces feel brand new. Check out our reviews of socks of the month clubs and find one that works for you. Who knows – maybe joining a sock club could become a habit for years to come!

Knowing what styles are trending
When it comes to fashion, it’s important to stay ahead of trends. That said, when all eyes are on you, fun socks might be a simple way you can showcase your personality and personal style without taking away from other aspects of your look. Here are five ways you can style cool socks with any outfit 1. See-through socks + lace skirt 2. Gingham socks + tailored pants 3. Tweed socks + khakis 4. Paisley socks + cropped jeans 5. Patterned socks + navy blazer How do you usually wear your cool socks? Do you have a favorite sock brand or pattern? Tell us in comments below!

Picking The Right Color Palette
The best advice I can give you when it comes to picking out a color palette is use colors that work well together. Colors that compliment each other usually make for great color palettes. When choosing colors, ask yourself which colors look good together and which don’t? This way you can find colors that complement each other and decide if they look good or not. Also, be sure to select three complimentary shades; one darker than one light and one medium tone in between these two darker and lighter tones. Once you have your three complementary shades, figure out how much space you need in between them (we suggest about 5%). For example: If your darkest color is Black Bean then your lightest would be Oatmeal Tan and your mid-tone would be Clove Brown. Our absolute favorite tool to pick complementary colors is called ColorCombos by Adobe Kuler. This tool makes picking a harmonious color scheme easier than ever before! It allows you to see what all your available hues will look like side by side so you can get a full idea of which ones work together and which ones don’t. You should also try and stick with tonal color schemes because it creates an illusion that things are closer or farther away from each other, as opposed to using primary colors with stark contrast like blue and yellow where neither one really compliments the other. Now, don’t worry if you don’t think of these names on your own. Just write down what colors come to mind when looking at an image, environment or landscape. Then type those into our recommended website below and bam – there you go!

Pairing Your Outfits Correctly
No matter what your personal style, no one wants to look frumpy. To keep up with trends while ensuring that you don’t look disheveled and unkempt, it’s important to pair your outfits correctly—and there are two simple ways that you can do just that. First, if you have on a pair of socks (or tights) with a contrasting color scheme, wear an outfit in accordance with your socks. In other words, don’t rock an all-black ensemble with pink socks or a red shirt unless you want to stand out like a sore thumb. Second, when wearing long socks or tights of any kind, make sure they aren’t exposed unless they serve as an integral part of your outfit. They should always be worn under pants, skirts, etc. When finished dressing for a day at work or school, ask yourself how your shoes would fit into someone else’s outfit; if they clash because of socks or tights being shown through by accident, then perhaps consider switching them out for another day. If you spend over $25 on socks every month, try to find quality sock subscriptions such as Birchbox Man instead. Once you’ve found a reputable service provider (especially if their products come directly from overseas), it shouldn’t take much effort to replicate your monthly purchases each time.

Mixing cool socks With Dressy Pieces
When it comes to dressing like a man who knows how to accessorize, nothing is cooler than socks. Stylish socks are a great accessory for almost any outfit, from work clothes and dressy shirts, to jeans and a polo. A lot of guys overlook socks when putting together their outfits, but no matter how dressed up you get for your night out, men’s fashion socks add some style without being too flashy. If you need some inspiration on what socks to wear with certain pieces, look through our guide below. ...etc... (5 useful pairs)
And from these 5 pairs we select: Black Stripe (for formal parties or events) and Camouflage (boots days). These 2 pairs goes well in every types of shoes and accessories. Suitable for every occasions whether you wearing them in office or casual events. Here I give an idea: Black Stripe + Camouflage = formal boots days or office + Camouflage = casual trainers/playground etc... And then, we've got one full content with 6 total steps: starting with step 1 which is Mixing cool socks With Dressy Pieces, continuing with Step 2,3,4,5 and ending with Step 6 which is Mixing cool socks With Dressy Pieces - Final Step (the whole process ends here)

Mixing cool socks With Casual Pieces
A sock subscription is all about trying new, interesting socks that you might not normally buy. However, it’s also cool to mix your sock subscription with other pieces in your wardrobe. For example, if you have a pair of striped socks and a chambray shirt lying around, you can easily put together an outfit that works for nearly any occasion. The best part? You don’t even need to think about it—the sock subscription will do half of your thinking for you! Plus, once you get comfortable styling your socks along with everything else in your closet, it gets even easier to mix things up—and create tons of fun outfits. Of course, these ideas work especially well if you have multiple pairs from each month’s box; beyond that initial pair, though, feel free to try out different options and see what looks good on you! 6 Things to Avoid Wearing With Socks of the Month: While we certainly encourage you to experiment with mixing socks and shoes, there are some times when it’s better to steer clear from wacky socks. Most importantly, if you know you’re going somewhere where people really care about fashion (such as a wedding or dinner party), save those fun socks for another day!