What the 5 Most Expensive Socks in the World Will Cost You

What the 5 Most Expensive Socks in the World Will Cost You

You’re looking for some cool socks to wear and show off, right? Well, these are five of the most expensive socks in the world—but we think they’re totally worth it! Read on to find out why...

What is a sock of the month club?

A sock of the month club is a great gift idea for men who love luxury and socks. If you are looking for a unique but appreciated gift to give your husband, father, boyfriend or friend we have gathered some of the best clubs from around world. The clubs vary and offers different sock products and socks styles every month. We have a few cool-looking socks for all men. You can also find out about sock subscriptions – what they are and which are worth considering. It’s an excellent way to get dressed up in style every day with top-notch quality socks that often includes slippers or other items to compliment your apparel of choice. (more...)

Why are these socks so expensive?

Darn Tough socks are made from a light and durable blend of Merino wool and nylon, making them both warm and breathable. The Vermont-based company puts extra thought into manufacturing high-quality products. In fact, they have a lifetime guarantee that if you wear out their socks you can return them for new ones. It's no wonder so many people turn to these comfortable favorites; over time Darn Tough socks hold up well in every day activities as well as strenuous outdoor activities like hiking or backpacking. They're cool socks to own, but at $22/pair they'll cost you! Luckily, one way to pay less is by using a sock subscription service that regularly delivers premium socks right to your door.

A closer look at some unique sock brands

It's hard to imagine what socks could cost hundreds of dollars. From sock subscriptions to sock of the month clubs, there are plenty of subscription services out there. But what about paying for individual socks? Would you pay $20 or more for a pair of socks? Millions around world do it every year. They aren't buying your typical luxury clothes or accessories; they're buying cool socks that just happen to be really expensive.

Do these socks really cost this much?

Although that may seem like a lot of money to spend on socks, if you're a keen collector of cool socks you'll have already seen pricier pairs. For example, there's a company called Bombas who sell what they call Sock Subscriptions for $44 a month (or $48 for those in Canada). This includes three pairs of high-quality socks. They are made from 100% combed cotton and come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. They will also be donating one pair of their athletic socks to homeless shelters for every subscription that is purchased. It’s basically an expensive sock of the month club! How cool is that?


When you’re looking for luxury clothing and accessories, you expect them to be expensive. This is especially true when it comes to socks. The highest price of socks can make you do a double take; if you’re going to drop $3,000 on anything, shouldn’t it be much better than just a pair of socks? Whether they’re functional or decorative, there is no doubt that these five pairs are worth every penny. They are truly pieces of art! It may sound silly but think about it: wouldn't a nice pair of cotton socks feel so much better than some cheap ones?