What Makes Philosockphy Sock Of the Month Club Unique?

What Makes Philosockphy sock of the month Club Unique?

How many pairs of socks do you have in your sock drawer right now? If the answer isn’t at least 50, then it’s time to upgrade to Philosockphy sock of the month Club! A monthly subscription service that provides you with 12 pairs of great-quality socks each and every month, we bring you fun designs that keep you feeling stylish while putting smiles on the faces of your loved ones. At Philosockphy sock of the month Club, we strive to create unforgettable sock experiences that are as unique as your feet!


You’ll always get fun, colorful and hard-to-find socks. When you subscribe to our sock of the month club, we’ll send you a variety of patterned, crew or dress socks in popular sizes. Every month there’s a new pattern for you to enjoy! And don’t worry if you like more than one sock design—if one design doesn't suit your style that month, another one will. You can also upgrade your subscription to get two or three pairs of unique socks every month! So join us as we bring some fun into your life with our monthly sock club!


Every month, our members receive a pair of colorful socks that are designed and crafted in Italy. Not only is their beautiful design eye-catching, but each sock is also incredibly comfortable. Many of our members are so impressed with their quality that they ask for our socks as gifts for others. We pride ourselves on providing only top-of-the-line products at an affordable price, and we’re confident you’ll be delighted by what you receive every month!


If you’re looking for a fun gift idea, look no further than Philosockphy’s sock of the month club. With 12 months of socks and 2 new designs each month, we have something for everyone. You can gift them to anyone you know that’s into their style—and who isn’t, right? We do a great job with our packaging and shipping to help ensure that these gifts get there on time as well! What are you waiting for? Get started today!


The socks are packaged in a sleek, branded box and shipped in a mailer to ensure their safety from start to finish. Our sock boxes feature a clear window on all sides, allowing you to see which design you've received and when it's time for your next subscription. Each month also comes with a free card featuring fun quotes from famous philosophers. The packaging, combined with our perfectly-sized mailers, make sure that your monthly delivery is simple but special; every time you open your mailbox, you'll be excited about what's inside!

Trusted quality control processes

The first and most important step in making quality socks is taking great care with all of your materials. We believe that, since you’re spending your hard-earned money on high-quality socks, it's our job to make sure that your expectations are met. Every single one of our sock styles has been tried and tested by several team members. They even wear them out around town! We want to make sure they meet your standards before we send them out into the world to be worn by someone else. Quality control processes can be a pain, but they’re so very important when it comes to having full confidence in what you’re selling.

Smart design socks fit any type of shoe, shoes shape and foot size

The most basic but also very important feature of our socks is that they fit in any shoe, from classic sneakers to boots. You don’t have to worry about having to buy new ones just because you’ve bought a new pair of shoes – with Philosockphy you can wear your favorite type of shoes as long as you want. Besides fitting every kind of shoe, every shape and size, our design socks fit any foot size as well – no matter if you have large or small feet! It's never been easier to pick up a great pair of socks without worrying about whether they will fit or not.

Shipping all over the world without extra cost for customers

Why pay for shipping if you don’t have to? Some people worry that they’ll lose customers by adding shipping costs on their invoices. If a customer wants to purchase your product and they’re based in another country, doesn’t it make sense that you should absorb any shipping costs as a business owner so that everyone can enjoy your product—and why not take advantage of USPS flat-rate shipping services when possible? As long as you offer flat-rate options for overseas orders, we recommend getting rid of shipping charges altogether. It looks more professional—and it makes it easier for customers to calculate what they're going to be paying.

A secure purchase process protecting our customers from frauds, identity theft and payment card frauds.

With security as one of our top priorities, our site utilizes a full-service payment gateway that encrypts all of your private information including name, address and credit card number. Our secure site is also compatible with most mobile devices, meaning you can take your business on-the-go and never have to worry about exposing your personal information while doing so. No matter what device you use to access your account - you will always be able to quickly and easily submit orders in seconds! Our outstanding customer servitaiaa43 ,pn dthlasrneio n am i hpnepc.owtcndn n tybk osadosnt!r//