What Kind of Socks Should You Be Wearing?

What Kind of Socks Should You Be Wearing?

What kind of socks should you be wearing? That’s one of the most common questions among men and women looking to up their sock game, and it’s definitely one that deserves its own article here on Sock Club HQ. In this article, we’ll take you through all the types of socks out there, so you can figure out which style of sock to wear every day!

The rise of socks subscriptions

A lot of people like to wear socks, but there’s more to it than that. It turns out that our feet are considered an ideal climate for fungus and bacteria—as a result, they’re easily prone to odor. As such, wearing cool socks (read: breathable and comfortable) is an important way to make sure your foot smells as fresh as possible. And you can do that by getting a pair or two from a sock subscription service like Bombas . (They also donate a pair for every order.) That way, you get new socks in your mailbox each month so you always have fresh pairs on hand when you need them!

Is it worth it to buy expensive socks?

So you're getting sick of your cotton socks and want to get something a little more special. You've heard about all these cool socks out there that can be pricey, but come with a subscription service or extra perks like a monthly sock of the month plan. Is it worth it to buy expensive socks? Some brands are definitely better than others. The higher quality they are, typically means better support, softness and durability over time as well. Overall though, don't expect your feet to feel magical when you first put them on -- but you should feel nice padding for your joints and strong durability for your toes (even if it means breaking in).

How to select cool socks

It's one thing to select cool socks for yourself, but what about your kids or grandparents? Selecting cool socks for someone else is a whole different ballgame. The first step is to figure out their personality type, which will greatly influence what kind of sock they’re going to like. For example, a sports fan might want some personalized baseball socks or some athletic-looking work socks. If you have no idea what they like or if they’re too difficult to shop for, don’t worry! There are plenty of options that can please anyone! One option is sock subscriptions.

What kind of socks should you be wearing?

A lot of people love subscription boxes. That monthly surprise (and delight) that you eagerly look forward to each month is a great feeling, and it's made even better when it's something useful (like socks). If you're like me, however, your sock subscription hasn't been going so well. Either too tight or too loose, thin and worn out after just a few months...the problems with socks are numerous! Well worry no more - we've got you covered. Now I know what you might be thinking: how can anyone write an entire post about socks? But don't worry; all my research on what kind of socks should everyone be wearing has given me plenty to write about.