What is the Philosockphy behind the sock of the month club?


The Philosockphy behind our sock of the month club is simple: you deserve to wear something comfortable and fashionable every day. With that in mind, we’ve created an exciting sock subscription service which offers you variety while maintaining its core value – comfort. As soon as you become a member, you’ll be able to choose from our six different sock designs and get one delivered straight to your door every month.


How can philosophy help you with your day-to-day life?

At its core, philosophy can help you with your day-to-day life by teaching you to be more mindful and present. It helps us to assess our lives and teaches us how to live them better. Philosophy teaches us about different ways of looking at things, which can be helpful when we are trying to make decisions about how to live our lives. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said happiness depends on being free from bodily pain and fear, having enough food and drink, good health...having good friends Philosophy also helps people find meaning in their lives. In his bestseller Man's Search for Meaning, Holocaust survivor Viktor E. Frankl talks about finding meaning in life by using three existentialist principles: hedonism, heroism, and responsibility.


How did we come up with Philosocks and what do they mean to us?

We are a group of friends who came up with the idea for a sock company when we were trying to figure out what to get our dad for his birthday. We wanted to find something that would be unique and bring him joy, but we couldn't decide on anything.
It was then that we had an epiphany: What if he could get a new pair of socks every month? That way he could always have a fresh set and not worry about running out!
We put together some design sketches and started talking about different types of wools, fibers, and colors. Over time, we crafted an idea for a brand that would help men feel more confident by wearing fun socks in their work environments or at home.


Now that we’ve told you about them, we want to hear from YOU.

Philosocks are a subscription service that sends you fun and colorful socks every other month. They have socks for men, women and children with many different color combinations to choose from. The process starts off by filling out a questionnaire about your preferences in colors, styles, brands and materials. You then select what type of socks (ankle socks, crew socks or dress socks) you would like to receive and when they should arrive each time. Once your order is placed, you can log on and customize what types of things you want to get with your monthly package: like a tote bag or underwear!
You have the option to upgrade your order to include a pair of our cozy slippers too!


Get your own pair!

Philosockphy founder, Garrett, wanted to give his dad the gift of socks for Christmas. He was looking for a fun pair and couldn't find anything he liked. Garrett decided to start his own company that would create and deliver fun socks every month. The best part about Philospokphy is that they are committed to sending their subscribers only high quality socks. They never send one sock, each monthly package includes two pairs of awesome socks!