What Is a Sock of the Month Club?

What Is a sock of the month Club?

cool socks are hard to find, but there’s good news! You can get fun and unique socks delivered straight to your door every month with a sock of the month club subscription. Here’s how it works: sock of the month clubs are similar to wine of the month clubs or cheese of the month clubs in that they send you new and exciting additions to your sock drawer every single month.

What Are sock of the month Clubs

A sock of the month club is a fun, unique and great way to ensure that you have new socks throughout every season. To join one, simply sign up for monthly shipments from your chosen vendor. If you’re worried about being stuck with dozens of socks that don’t fit, don’t be—your sock subscription will come with information on how to size your new pairs so you get exactly what fits best. Depending on which sock subscription you choose, you may also receive information on how to care for your new socks so they last longer. As an added bonus, some sock of the month clubs will let you choose specific styles or brands so that even if they vary in size, all pairs will still suit your tastes perfectly.

Types of Subscription Boxes

There are basically two types of subscription boxes: clothing and accessory boxes. A clothing box is what you’d expect: It sends you pieces (or a whole outfit) to wear on your body—such as shoes, accessories, or outerwear. An accessory box delivers things that don’t necessarily go directly on your body but are still crucial for getting dressed—like belts, ties, socks, undergarments (hmmm), etc. A sock of the month club typically falls into that second category; it focuses on sending socks (along with sometimes other small items like jewelry or toiletries). But there are actually several variations within that second category: Some send socks only; others also send handkerchiefs or underwear.

How Do They Work?

If you love fun, high-quality socks but don’t have much time to shop around, sock subscriptions are a great way to get fresh socks on your feet. It’s quick and easy: Each month you’ll receive an assortment of 3–5 pairs in your choice of style and fabric (including silk and cashmere), sent right to your door. Keep what you like and send back what you don’t—either way, it’s free shipping both ways! With so many options to choose from, sock clubs make dressing for work fun again—and they keep your dresser drawer as organized as your email inbox.

Pros and Cons

If you’re tired of only owning one pair of socks at a time, then it might be time to look into sock subscriptions. This style is all about receiving a bunch of awesome (and often cool) socks every month. These can vary from branded designs and funky colors to textured options for added flair. However, there are both pros and cons to using such services, so take some time to really think about whether it’s right for you before making your decision. Here are some things you should know before joining in: Pros: cool socks! There’s nothing more exciting than receiving new clothing items in your mailbox, especially when they're designed specifically for comfort and style.

How Much Do These Socks Cost Per Month

You might be shocked to learn just how much these socks cost. A sock-of-the-month club will likely run you anywhere from $15 to $25 per month, depending on how many cool socks you get each month and whether or not shipping is included in your price. Keep in mind that if you decide to subscribe for more than one month, additional costs will accrue, but most businesses offer package deals for those who would like to purchase multiple months at once. With some brands offering subscriptions as short as 3 months and as long as 12 months, there are plenty of options for purchasing sock packages.

The Best (and Worst) Sock Subscription Boxes

The best sock subscription boxes are those that allow you to choose your own pairs. This lets you pick what looks good to you or what fits well with your wardrobe. The worst sock subscription boxes send you random brands and styles that may not look good or feel comfortable. Of course, even if they send exactly what you want, it’s hard to get excited about wearing a pair of socks more than once or twice. The best way to make sure your socks don’t sit in the back of your drawer for months at a time is by allowing yourself some choice in what socks arrive at your door each month.