What Does Your Sock Subscription Say About You?

What Does Your sock subscription Say About You?

Buying socks used to be simple – you’d pick out an old pair at the end of the year, or maybe even the beginning, and toss them in the back of your closet for next winter. These days, however, sock subscription services are becoming increasingly popular among men, women and children alike. It’s an easy way to receive high-quality new socks on a regular basis without having to make time to go out shopping yourself. But which sock subscription is right for you?

How I overcame my sock drawer anxiety

I had a major sock drawer anxiety problem. I would buy new socks, but never wear them and they just became more and more, eventually overtaking my entire sock drawer. But then I found Philosocks, the perfect solution for this problem. Philosocks is a monthly sock subscription that delivers two pairs of socks to your door each month, so you can finally get rid of all your old socks while still getting new ones!

Why socks are personal

Socks are personal. Each one tells a story. The way they're folded away in their drawer, the way they're worn on your feet, and even the way you throw them on the floor when you come home from work all speak to who you are and what's important to you.

Philosockphy is something we want to address with our subscription box. We think that socks should reflect who you are and how your day went just as much as any other clothing item does. Whether it's a pair of brightly colored ones for the kid at heart or a dressier pair for an evening out, getting what feels right is what matters most - and getting socks delivered right to your door is one less thing you need to worry about!

The physical benefits of wearing good socks

Good socks are more than just a way to keep your feet warm and dry. Choosing the right pair can help with foot problems such as plantar fasciitis and shin splints, so you can save yourself from experiencing any unwanted pain. Plus, it's important to change your socks everyday for hygiene purposes, which will help keep your feet feeling fresh! Lastly, if you have an extra pair of good socks with you when exercising or working out, they can absorb sweat and help prevent athlete's foot. If that's not enough reason to buy some new socks today then I don't know what is!

Foot health, comfort and anti-odor technology

Keeping your feet healthy and comfortable is essential to an active lifestyle. And though you may think that socks are just socks, there are lots of reasons to care about the kind of socks you wear. For starters, an average person will spend two years in a lifetime wearing socks; one-third of our life is spent sleeping and the rest mostly walking so it's important to have a sock that provides plenty of support for your feet and toes. Socks also have anti-odor technology which will help keep your feet fresh if you don't have time to air out your shoes or get to the gym as often as you'd like.

Fit matters

When it comes to socks, fit matters. And with Philosockphy, you can have the perfect sock for every day of the week. This is because Philosockphy offers a subscription service which delivers the right type of sock to your door each month based on your needs and interests. So if you need more ankle or crew length socks in your life, this is the way to go. Plus, their prices are pretty reasonable considering how much effort they put into finding and delivering quality products that fit so well.

Not all socks are created equal

The perfect pair of socks is hard to find. But it's not impossible. It just takes some time and effort. And if you don't have time, you can always sign up for a sock subscription service that'll do the hunting for you. That way, every month or so, your new favorite socks will show up at your door with no work required on your part other than deciding which design to wear first.

How to wash your socks (and why)

sock subscriptions are a great way to try out different brands and styles of socks without having to commit to buying them in bulk. And as for the cost, you can find ones that are as inexpensive or expensive as you want.

But with so many choices, which sock subscription is right for you? To help narrow it down, take into consideration what your preferences are when it comes to the type of socks you wear and how often they need to be replaced.

Which sock subscription is right for you?

If you're not sure what sock subscription to choose, consider the following:

-Are you a coffee drinker?

-Do you prefer cotton or wool socks? -Do you like to match your socks with your outfit, or wear them in different colors each day?