What Does Your Sock Choice Say About Your Philosockphy?

You may not think that your sock choice says much about you, but you’d be wrong. Beyond being an easy and comfortable way to keep your feet warm (at least, those of us with feet enjoy them) socks are also a subtle way to display your inner philosophical side, or Philosockphy, if you will. This month, we’re looking at the different types of socks you can choose from and what this says about you as an individual.

Part 1: Colour of socks

Did you know that the color of your socks can say a lot about your personality and mood? It's true! If you're feeling confident, secure and ready to take on the world, wearing red socks will help you get there. I mean, what's better than being dressed head-to-toe in powerful hues when you're feeling unstoppable?

The reverse is also true. If you're feeling a little down or not so sure about yourself, black socks are the perfect way to accentuate how dark your mood might be. Not only do they help communicate where your head is at, but they also make it clear that no one is going to mess with you today because they'll see right through the gloom.

Part 2: Material

The right socks not only complete your outfit, but they also say something about your personality. Mens colorful socks are a great way to express your creativity and make a statement without being too serious. Mens purple ankle socks can be more formal as it is the typical sock of choice for suits and formal attire. For men who like to have fun, mens funky socks are perfect! Funky dress socks come in all sorts of crazy colors and patterns and make it easy to add some excitement to any outfit. Fun men's ankle socks are another awesome way for guys to express themselves. You'll find all sorts of cool designs like polka dots, stripes, or geometric shapes on these fun crew socks that will spice up any look!

Part 3: Style

Do your socks match your personality or do they have a deeper meaning behind them? Are you a mens ankle socks kind of guy who likes to enjoy the finer things in life, or are you more of a fun dress socks person who wants to be noticed by everyone around you? Let's take a look at some common sock styles and what they say about your personality.

Part 4: Relationship to shoes

You might think you can't tell much about a man by the socks he wears, but think again. It's not just what color or pattern they are, it's what type of shoe they go with, too. If he's wearing a suit and tie, chances are he's wearing dress socks. Just like if he walks around in sandals all day, odds are his ankle socks aren't dress socks either. He might be wearing any type of shoes imaginable on his feet and still wear crazy color dress socks because that's just how he rolls (or doesn't roll at all).

Part 5: Fit

Some people will be more attracted to you based on your sock choice. It is important to present yourself in the best light possible, and socks are a small part of that. If you are wearing brightly colored socks, it is likely that you are looking for the spotlight or seeking attention from those around you. These socks would be good for those who want to stand out in a crowd or enjoy showing off their individuality. For men with cooler personalities, we recommend fun socks for men or cool mens socks. Our best sock subscription includes high quality brands like Happy Socks and Good Worth Trading Co., as well as unique styles like bamboo and wool blend crew socks.