What Does Your Sock Choice Say About You? A Sock Subscription Could Be the Answer!

What Does Your Sock Choice Say About You? A Sock Subscription Could Be the Answer!

How often do you think about your socks? They’re something that we all wear, every day, but rarely give much thought to beyond the few minutes it takes to pick out which pair to put on. Unless you have a favorite brand or style of socks that you are loyal to and refuse to wear anything else, your sock choices might have even less of an impact on your life than your pant or shirt choices! But why should we just be content with average-quality socks, when there are so many other options out there?

Do you ever wonder about your personality based on your sock choice?

Admit it, you’ve thought about your sock choice before. Sometimes we want to be an entirely different person depending on our clothing and sock combination. While all socks can say something about your personality, colorful socks in particular can completely change how you feel about yourself. And don’t think for a second that fashion doesn’t matter; it does. In fact, research shows us that wearing certain colors can have a huge impact on our moods and productivity throughout our day. Our socks reflect who we are and what is important to us; they also help shape who we aspire to be.

Do you think dressing well (or lazily) gives you confidence at work, in your personal life, or even when dating someone new?

That could be part of it. According to a study by social psychologist Tom Gilovich, Ph.D., and his colleagues, whether or not you believe dressing well will lead to success depends on how important you think fashion is in general. So if you think fashion makes a big difference in your life (and not just your professional life), owning a bunch of nice clothes—including awesome socks—might give you confidence that'll carry over into other areas of your life. Plus, you can make great first impressions by rocking on-trend yet comfortable socks with just about any outfit. If you don't like having fancy socks sitting around all day, some subscription services only deliver fun socks for special occasions such as Halloween or Christmas instead of every week.

Imagine how much confidence it would give you if every morning you had a brand new pair of socks that fit perfectly and matched perfectly with everything you planned to wear. No more mismatched socks, no more buying multiple pairs of the same style because you wore one out during the week.

Now you can fix your sock problems with a sock subscription service. These monthly services offer you several pairs of high-quality socks in a variety of styles and colors. They work like a clothing subscription: every month, you receive brand new socks and get to keep them as long as you want. One company even offers extra perks like using their app to take photos of yourself wearing your new socks for a chance to win free socks for life!

Introducing a sock subscription service could be exactly what you need. Here are a few companies worth checking out!

The Awesomer, Bombas, Freshpair. While these companies have different pricing options and styles to choose from, one thing remains true about them all: socks are awesome. So go ahead and invest in your sock game; you know you deserve it. Happy shopping!