What Does Your Sock Choice Say About You?

What Does Your Sock Choice Say About You?

When you’re getting dressed in the morning, do you spend as much time picking out your socks as you do choosing your pants? Have you ever considered that sock style says something about you as a person? sock of the month Club has compiled some research on what your choice of socks says about you, and how to pick out better socks so that they can reflect something positive about your personality and impress those around you.

cool socks to treat yourself

We all need to treat ourselves now and then, and what better way than a little luxury in your sock drawer? Treat yourself to some cool socks (and save yourself some time by not having to look for them in a messy sock drawer), with a subscription service like sock of the month. They offer 3 different types of plans: classic, athletic and dress socks. Classic is $10/month, athletic is $15/month and dress is $20/month. If you sign up for at least 6 months (at one time) you can get 20% off!

cool socks for men

Every month, subscribers of men’s sock of the month club are treated to a new pair of cool socks. A perfect combination of beauty and utility, sock subscription is also part of a lifestyle and every package arrives in style. Good socks can complement your wardrobe, help you feel good and make even boring outfits look more stylish. Are you looking for funky socks to go with your favorite suit? Or perhaps classic styles that go with any type of dress shoe. Are you looking for athletic performance socks or everyday wear? Whatever it is you want in a sock, there’s probably a company that makes it specifically for you - designed with great attention to detail and comfort!

cool socks for women

Finding high-quality socks can be a challenge. That’s why ReMatch has changed that and created a sock subscription service for women who want to look stylish and still feel comfortable in whatever outfit they put together. With two different sock of the month subscriptions to choose from—the Camo Pack and Crayon Pack—women can easily have new socks delivered right to their door every month so they never have to shop again! Plus, each pair of socks is made from quality materials that make them functional, fashionable, and comfortable. No more shoddy socks - just high-quality ones you love!

Cool sock subscription boxes

If you love your feet and want to treat them well, a sock subscription box could be just what you need. Picking out cute new socks can be fun, but even better is when someone else takes care of that for you. There are lots of different kinds of sock subscription boxes out there, from practical unisex options to gender-specific boxes that cater specifically to women or men. You can pick up a pair every month, or every three months. There are also different lengths—some give you one pair each month; others send two pairs in a package every three months. While some people just pick whatever's on sale at their favorite retailer, nothing beats having new socks delivered directly to your door without having to go shopping yourself!

Cool sock brands that are worth checking out

Socks are a lot like tires. The type of sock you wear says a lot about you, so why not find yourself a pair that reflects your style and personality? With a plethora of brands to choose from, there’s one out there for every guy looking to spice up his sock drawer. What do they have in common, though? A desire to make your feet look great! Here are some cool sock brands that are worth checking out