What Does Your Sock Choice Say About You?

Your socks are probably the most overlooked and underrated garments in your wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have personality. In fact, your sock choice says quite a bit about you, especially when you’re not looking! The size of your feet, your sense of style, and even your personality traits all play into what kind of socks you choose to wear on any given day or week.

5 Tips For Upgrading Your Sock Game
Although socks might not seem important, they say a lot about who you are as a person. It’s time to upgrade your sock game and grab yourself some cool socks. Here are five tips on how to do just that. First things first: Are you still wearing boring cotton socks from Costco? If so, it’s time for an upgrade. Some of us have been stuck in our ways when it comes to what we wear around our feet. We stick with a comfortable brand like Hanes or stay true to one specific style because they’re always in stock at Walmart—and then we wonder why our socks end up smelling after we wear them all day long or why they start falling apart faster than expected. This is totally normal behavior, but it’s also something that should be avoided. It doesn’t matter whether or not you find socks incredibly entertaining; if they don’t meet your standards, it’s time to invest in new ones! Thankfully, there are plenty of options available to help make upgrading your sock game easier than ever before. One way many men (and women) improve their sock collection is by joining a sock subscription service. Allowing yourself to get two or three pairs of socks sent directly to your doorstep each month means you can avoid getting them at retail locations altogether—this keeps you focused on upgrading rather than throwing away money needlessly.

Getting Started with Subscription Boxes
Unlike regular clothing, socks can be delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Many brands and stores sell subscriptions where you can choose from three or more different sock designs every month, or you can even sign up for a specific design that comes with matching underwear! This is perfect for guys who want to look stylish, but don’t like making all their clothing choices by themselves. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to build out your wardrobe at no extra cost, month after month. A man can never have too many socks—and with these subscription boxes, he doesn’t have to buy them one pair at a time! Have a friend help proofread for spelling/grammar mistakes before publishing. Read through it aloud once or twice to ensure flow, remove any filler words (i.e.: really) etc. Add at least 3-5 relevant images (headshots of models wearing clothing related to content of post). Have fun with Google image search, free stock photo sites such as Pexels or Pixabay are great resources! Lastly I always recommend taking some time to customize SEO elements in title/header tags etc. Of course, if you need another guide, I've got more below! 3 Guidelines for Creating Compelling Headlines: This is probably one of my favorite parts of online marketing; whenever there's work involved (writing anything), what gets me most excited isn't actually writing or editing -- it's creating awesome headlines. 1: Keep It Short & Sweet When writing headlines, especially when emailing cold prospects or pitching investors, remember: keep it short and sweet.

Things you should know before you start your sock box subscription
How do you choose between all of these sock subscription services out there? Do you go with a branded service like Bombas or Stance, an independently-run company like Happy Socks, or do you get socks delivered to your door each month by a major retailer (Walmart, Nordstrom, etc.)? The answer will depend on several factors: your brand loyalty, what’s important to you in a sock subscription service (if anything), and even where you live. Fortunately, we’ve put together a quick rundown of some things to consider when deciding which sock service is right for you. Read our comprehensive guide now! Comprehensive Guide for Sock Subscription Services (From Our Humble Editors at Everything But The News)
Sock Boxes Are Where it’s At I Love Getting New Socks Each Month Many sock subscription companies are similar in that they offer delivery of socks on a monthly basis—but how do they differ from one another? What sets them apart? Some may argue that it boils down to two key criteria: quality and variety. Quality is important because you want socks that you can wear again and again without having holes or other issues develop after wearing them a few times. Variety is also important, especially if your main motivation for getting sock boxes delivered each month is simply to have new socks.

The Different Types of Sock Subscriptions
There are a lot of sock subscription services on the market, but they come in all different shapes and sizes. Take, for example, what I like to call cool socks versus sock of the month subscriptions. We’ll look at these two broad types in turn... and consider how your sock choice might say something about you as an individual. Let’s jump right in ! cool socks: How do cool socks work? They can be bought online or from local retailers; both options have benefits. If you buy them online, you get access to more options and designs—but if you buy them locally, it helps support your local economy (which is nice). In general, buying sock subscriptions is like buying any other type of product; do your research and go with products that best suit your needs.

Our 3 Favorite Men's Subscription Boxes
Want cool socks delivered to your door every month? These are our top 3 men's subscription boxes. Check them out! 1. Soxbox 2. Bombas 3. Stance : Our 3 Favorite Men's Subscription Boxes: Want cool socks delivered to your door every month? These are our top 3 men's subscription boxes. Check them out! 1. Soxbox 2. Bombas 3. Stance Chances are, if you're wearing socks right now, you've got a favorite pair. That’s because socks—and their unheralded role in helping our feet feel comfortable, dry and cozy all day long—are awesome. But how would you feel about receiving a fresh pair of socks that were picked out just for you each month? If you answered yes, please!, then we think we know where to send your next subscription box.

Our 3 Favorite Women's Subscription Boxes
Monthly sock subscription boxes are a great way to stock up on clothing and accessories for women of all ages. By picking up a monthly sock subscription box, you'll get new pairs of socks delivered straight to your door every month for just $10-$20! That's less than it costs at most department stores, and some companies even offer a loyalty rewards program that lets you earn free socks for buying so many boxes in a year. Here are three sock subscription services we recommend #1: SOXBOX has an awesome selection of stylish socks ranging from knee-highs to short socks. They have an especially large assortment of fun animal print options with cheeky sayings printed along each seam - I think they're adorable! SOXBOX is also one of our favorite sock subscriptions because they reward their subscribers by offering rewards points after purchasing enough boxes. Redeem these points for free socks! We love these and look forward to getting them each month :) Check out SOXBOX today. #2: The Snug Socks Club offers both men’s and women’s socks as well as kids' sizes, too! Their socks include everything from striped thigh highs to argyle designs that make a bold statement. One thing we really enjoy about Snug Socks Club is their Snug of the Month service which allows customers to sign up for a 1-month or 3-month membership (which includes 2 or 3 pairs of socks respectively). This service allows customers to try out different styles before making a commitment to buy more, which gives customers peace of mind when trying something new.

Our 5 Favorite 'Just For Fun' Subscriptions
sock of the month, wine club, shave box, candy subscription, or special treat. In our opinion you can't go wrong with a sock of the month. Even if you’re not a socks kind of guy but your partner is - This can be an easy way to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Skip that run-of-the-mill tie or leather journal and get them something they will really enjoy. We've done some searching for cool sock subscriptions and found these 5. If you have another we'd love to hear about it! 1. Bombas Bombas was founded by 3 good friends who were walking around their office barefoot because their cheap flip flops hurt their feet so much. After looking into why his shoes were hurting him, one of founders found out he had plantar fasciitis (an inflammation of tissue connecting heel bone to toes). He then thought why do I need a specialty pair of shoes just for running? There are plenty of people out there that also suffer from foot pain caused by regular work shoes. So after creating a few pairs for himself he decided he could make some money off his idea and went into production. Their tagline don't lose your socks speaks for itself: socks in men's sizes range from $12-$15 per pair depending on type. 2.