What Do Your Socks Say About You?

You might not realize it, but the socks you wear say a lot about you and your personality traits. And if you’re tired of being boring old white ankle socks, there are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing different types of socks that will make you feel more confident and give off the image you want to convey to others. So, what do your socks say about you? See for yourself!

The sock subscription services
What does your sock drawer say about you? If it's a monotonous mix of all black socks, then it's probably time to add some color and texture to your drawer. These sock subscription services give you a new pair of socks each month that are guaranteed to be cool and different from anything else in your closet. There are even options for non-sock lovers as well. Take a look at these sock subscriptions. They'll help you add some variety and fun to your sock drawer! And every little bit helps when you're building business credibility. The easiest way to set yourself apart from competition is through having a diverse knowledge base in lots of different areas. Mixing things up with sock styles is just one more way to let potential customers know they can rely on you if they hire your company. Sure, we all love wearing cozy socks, but what better place than work to break out of our routines and do something exciting? Maybe next month I’ll have enough money saved up for a sock subscription myself... hmmm. It sure would make those cold days warmer knowing there was something interesting waiting in my sock drawer (who am I kidding?!).

The sock designs you might want to choose
Multipurpose Work Socks, sock of the month Subscription, Cool and Fashionable Work Wear. Additionally, you should be sure to include brands that can help you out with your research as well as good explanations for why each of these sock designs are not only trendy but will bring about professional benefits for your readers. Be sure to use proper grammar in a clear language that everyone can understand. Remember all quotes need to be cited correctly and completely in MLA format. In a recent survey by Done By Forty, we discovered what kind of socks people feel say something unique about them on their profession. 41% of men said they wear fun socks because they want their company to remember them as fun. For women, almost half (49%) said they had no idea why other than it’s just comfortable. A whopping 90% have worn socks deemed professional at least once! What do your socks say about you? Or more importantly, who would notice or care if they did? Companies like Lavish Socks try to change how we think about socks through providing both cool and business focused sock subscription boxes. They keep you looking fresh while keeping things professional around the office (or workplace). We hope our infographic helps people realize just how important socks can be in conveying your personality while keeping cool under pressure!

How will you use your socks?
The socks you wear convey a message to others, and they also represent something about you. Your clothing tells your friends and colleagues a little bit about who you are—but they’re missing out on some of your coolest personality traits if they aren’t paying attention to what you’re wearing on your feet. Unisex socks may be versatile, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. In fact, cool socks for men can say a lot about you as an individual; or, in other words, how will you use your socks? How do you want people to see you when they look at your feet? Don’t let a single accessory rule over all else. It’s important not to stereotype yourself as much as it is for people not to judge you by how fast you run or how far away from home base (and clothes) you end up streaking across campus! Before you go shopping for socks, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself: What are my sock priorities? Is sweat-wicking most important? Will I only feel satisfied with cotton blends that come in multiple colors and patterns? What impact do I want my socks to make on my daily ensemble decisions? Are loafers more often chosen with me in mind than hiking boots or ballet flats? These are just a few considerations you should make before selecting socks based on their fun factor alone. After all, different outfits call for different accessories, so don’t limit yourself to just one kind of sock—choose socks based on your fashion aesthetic and style preferences instead. If you choose too many funny socks without considering whether or not they reflect your true personality, then yes, society might conclude that even though you like comical new socks every month...you lack substance.

sock of the month vs. sock subscription
What’s better? Both of these services are built on a simple idea: receiving a package filled with different pairs of socks in a predetermined order each month. While both can be great options, there are some key differences that you’ll want to consider before making your choice. Which option is right for you may depend on how much you like surprises, how often you switch up your shoe game, and (of course) what kind of socks you prefer! Let’s dive into all of it below. Think of your sock drawer as an investment piece—whether you’re always changing things up or just getting ready for summertime fun, it helps to make smart choices with quality socks in mind. So if they stay put all year-round, grab a nice stack of basics; if they live inside your shoes more than they do inside their packages, opt for something eye-catching. The best part about sock subscriptions is you don’t have to think about them every month, but rest assured you’ll receive high-quality socks when you need them most. They also come packaged in creative ways like old books and airplane bottles, so your gift will look professional no matter which company sends it out. It can be tough choosing between buying socks one pair at a time versus signing up for a subscription service that saves us from thinking about our feet until our next delivery arrives.