What Do Your Socks Say About You?

Gone are the days when wearing socks had to be limited to boring white or black pairs. With the sock of the month club , you can find an exciting new pair of socks delivered straight to your door every month, allowing you to stand out from the crowd with some really cool socks . The sock of the month club was founded by two friends who were tired of boring clothes and decided they needed something more interesting to wear in order to keep themselves happy.

3 Types of Men’s Subscription Boxes
Men’s subscription boxes are great gifts for men who appreciate attention to detail and want to express their style through accessories. Here are some of our favorite men’s sock subscriptions—or you can also check out other cool sock subscriptions, or check out our monthly sock calendar! We have a sock of the month club available with a focus on novelty socks that is well-known around town as a top-of-the-line gift for guys in your life. Our sock box gives subscribers two pair every month from seasons past—ranging from classic dress socks to novelty patterns that are sure to be conversation starters at any event. Check it out today! (Sorry ladies, we don’t carry women’s socks.) Another Way to Show Someone They Matter: A sock subscription is another creative way to show someone they matter—these days, it’s hard to show people just how much they mean without feeling cheesy or hokey; but with these unique boxes, everyone knows that you really do think they’re special. Find your favorite holiday present idea here.

What Are The Best Men’s Sock Subscriptions?
Want to take your sock game to a whole new level of comfort and style? Check out these high-quality sock subscriptions that will really up your sock game. If you’re in search of great socks, you can stop right here. If you want more, keep reading—we’ve got some more cool sock subscription ideas for you! Ready, set: start wearing awesome socks! Getting a monthly subscription service is almost too convenient sometimes; just think how easy it would be to get clean underwear each month without having to leave your house (or pick them out by yourself) or even have matching socks without worrying about losing one somewhere in between laundry days. But what other kinds of products or things could we subscribe to on a regular basis? Well, if you ask us, we think socks would be an ideal addition. These are great times for men who love stylish footwear. From barefoot sandals to men’s jogging shoes to designer sneakers like Yeezys and Jordans, there are so many options now than ever before. But while we love all those different choices, our socks still tend to fall into two categories: plain white tube socks or brightly colored athletic socks. When was the last time someone complimented you on your cool socks? We don’t remember that ever happening—but what if they did?

Top Subscription Boxes for Cool and Unusual Socks
Five Cool and Unusual Subscription Boxes to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe: Though it may seem like a passing fad, sock subscription boxes are showing no signs of slowing down in popularity. If you love receiving socks (who doesn’t?), or if you just want to feel a little different in your own footwear, here are five cool subscription boxes that will provide both fashion and novelty at an affordable price! They’re listed from least expensive to most; subscribe today! Though it may seem like a passing fad, sock subscription boxes are showing no signs of slowing down in popularity. If you love receiving socks (who doesn’t?), or if you just want to feel a little different in your own footwear, here are five cool subscription boxes that will provide both fashion and novelty at an affordable price! They’re listed from least expensive to most; subscribe today! Sample Society - $15/month ($20 international) Looking for a good gift idea for yourself or someone else? Sample Society lets you try out new beauty products each month with its selection of over 50 brands, including Tocca and Oribe. In addition to monthly samples, members also receive exclusive invitations to member-only events and parties around Los Angeles.

A Brief History of Subscription Boxes
Whether it's for socks, snacks, or even dog treats, there seems to be a monthly subscription box for everything these days. The first such box was founded in 1997 by two Yale students who wanted to share the contents of their dorm with other Yale students. Thus was born The Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome. This original company still exists, though they have since shortened their name and opened up their subscriptions to people of all ages. From here boxes began popping up everywhere as a new kind of gifting idea. If you're looking for a unique gift that really shows you pay attention to what someone loves, then you might want to consider choosing something from one of these top three subscription companies: 1) Birchbox – For only $10 per month (plus shipping), customers can receive beauty samples directly to their doorstep. Each month has a theme, which helps guide selections made by employees based on thousands of customer reviews and questionnaires filled out during registration. 2) Dollar Shave Club - Similarly priced at just $9 per month, Dollar Shave Club sends high-quality razors straight to your door so you don't need to worry about running out when you're traveling. And they'll send them right along with any replacement blades after that! 3) Loot Crate - If you'd rather go with a geeky box than something more everyday like makeup or razors, Loot Crate is worth checking out! This bi-monthly subscription service provides subscribers with crate themed products, typically featuring some sort of popular culture relevance. Sometimes they include tee shirts and posters too!
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3 Reasons Why Men Love Getting New Socks in the Mail
If your man doesn’t already love getting new socks in his mailbox, he soon will. And yes, that’s a bold statement. But it’s one I’m willing to make after surveying many men and conducting my own unscientific study of sorts with some of my guy friends. What I found was a mix of answers—though they all resulted in similar conclusions: a new pair of socks is awesome. So what makes socks so cool? Let me break it down for you... 1) There’s more than just black socks out there now. Most guys used to wear dark-colored socks on a daily basis; sometimes even just black ones if they were feeling extra adventurous. Back then, no one really thought much about their socks as long as they kept their feet warm and protected (and maybe made them look taller). It was much different back then. Nowadays socks come in all kinds of colors, patterns and materials. Nowadays sock shopping can be fun too!

How Often Should I Buy New Socks?
As a sock of the month club member, you can purchase monthly deliveries of socks to keep your sock drawer looking fresh and interesting. But how often should you really buy new socks? This depends on two things: how often you go through your existing stock and whether or not you have any holes in them. If your socks aren’t getting worn out quickly and aren’t starting to develop holes, they can easily last several months before replacements are needed. However, if you wear an average of one pair per week but want to make sure that you always have at least five clean pairs ready at all times, you might consider placing a sock order every other month. That way, if some of your socks get ruined over time (which will happen), you won’t ever be stuck with just one pair. It is important to note, however, that socks from sock of the month clubs are more durable than normal socks; these ones especially so. So don’t worry about purchasing too many pairs!
Good Choices for Work & Formal Wear: Now let’s talk about what type of socks work best for different outfits. When we say formal wear, we mean business formal or black tie – or even those fancy-pants dinner parties where jeans aren’t allowed! For these types of events, you’ll want to stick with no-show socks (also known as dress socks) and avoid wool socks completely; if you absolutely must wear wool, go with a thin pair that won’t be visible when your pants are on.

Interesting Facts about Cotton, Wool and Nylon
Cotton, wool and nylon are three of the most popular materials for men’s socks. Here are some interesting facts about each type of material. Understanding these facts will help you choose which material is best for your wardrobe needs. Some socks can be made with blends that have a combination of two or more of these materials.
You should own at least 20 pairs of socks: This is a great goal to shoot for so that you have enough different kinds in your sock drawer to wear with all different kinds of outfits. The only time you really need just one pair is when it’s laundry day! That way everything in your sock drawer matches! When choosing socks make sure they are comfortable and fit well. Avoid those tight socks because they may cut off circulation which will make your feet swell and cause painful blisters or worse yet, foot fungus. When selecting socks make sure they come up over your calf but not too high as that can cause chafing on longer walks or runs. Finally, choose socks made from a material (cotton, wool or nylon) that keeps its shape throughout every washing cycle making them last longer than other varieties of socks. Also cotton socks naturally wick moisture away from your skin keeping your feet dry even if you sweat during physical activity. Wear white socks after Labor Day: Are you crazy?! It sounds like an antiquated rule that no true gentlemen would abide by. However, I don’t know about you but I actually think white socks look cool under jeans and khakis now-a-days.