What Are the Do's and Don'ts of No Show Socks?

What Are the Do's and Don'ts of No Show Socks?

Do you find yourself running out of socks on the regular? Do you have difficulty finding socks that look good with all of your shoes? Are you the type to get tired of wearing the same pair of socks every day or week? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to consider joining a sock of the month club like Philosockphy.

Benefits of no show socks

Every man who likes to stay on top of his fashion game knows that socks are an absolute necessity. For those who wear dress shoes, matching socks help bring a uniformity to their outfit, something that many people prefer. But for casual outfits, there is another benefit to wearing no show socks: no one can see them. No show socks are comfortable, breathable, stylish and functional—the perfect combination for every guy’s wardrobe. With no show socks subscriptions, you won’t even have to leave your house in order to stay on top of your sock game; these convenient services will deliver fresh pairs right to your door!

Philosockphy - Why No Show Socks

The allure of no show socks, is that they let your toes breathe without letting them wiggle. As a bonus, many are made with antimicrobial material that can help control odors and keep you feeling fresh all day long. So what’s to hate about them? Well nothing if you’re just walking around in a pair every now and then, but if you think they’re going to be your new best friend as part of your daily sock routine, well it might be time for some philosophy. And maybe a sock subscription too!

The Proper Way to Wear No Shows

A Philosockphy on Knowing What to Wear with Your No Shows: At some point, every sock connoisseur will find himself or herself at a dilemma - what are you supposed to wear with your no-show socks? You can’t wear them with every shoe. If you do, people won’t take you seriously in business meetings and casual walks will turn into botched Instagram photo ops. So how do you know what to pair your socks with? Simply put, if it covers more than 2 inches of your ankle, don’t wear it! Anything shorter is fair game for those sharp no show socks that leave zero showing.

3 Mistakes People Make Wearing No Shows

Let’s face it, no show socks are one of those fashion choices that doesn’t always get a lot of respect. However, these socks can be worn correctly if you know what to look for. The good news is that you don’t need to stock up on high-priced designer socks in order to wear them correctly; there are plenty of affordable options available that will still help you look stylish (and well-groomed). Here are 3 mistakes people make when wearing no shows

How do you wear your no shows?

If you're wearing no-show socks as part of a sock subscription, it is best to wear them with shorts. This makes your socks more visible so that people can see you have matching socks. If you wear them with longer pants, your socks might not be visible. You can get creative with your other sock colors so that they match both your no-show socks and your regular ankle or crew socks; or you can find a look to match one thing (like all no-show pairs) or create one that matches everything. The bottom line is: do what makes sense for you! There is no right way to do anything! [click here for some great ideas on how to rock those sock games]

Do you have any questions about no shows?

The most common question we hear about no shows is whether they can be worn without socks. The short answer: Yes! Some people find it more comfortable to wear them without socks, but others may not like that they can’t adjust where they rest on their feet. If you don’t have a sock subscription (see below), there are plenty of other options for men and women who want to wear no-show socks. Several brands sell unisex versions in multiple sizes and colors, while other brands offer single pairs in a few different varieties. For example, if you like regular nylon no-shows with cushioned soles, try Target’s Merona brand.