What are Sock of the Month Subscriptions?

What are sock of the month Subscriptions?

sock of the month subscriptions are the best socks of all time! If you haven’t heard of sock of the month clubs, then you may be wondering what the point of them is and if they are worth it! We’ll break down everything you need to know about sock of the month clubs here so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not one is right for you.

10 Cool Reasons to Start Your Own sock of the month Subscription

Owning a business is hard work, but having a side hustle can add income to your bottom line and fulfill you creatively. If you’re in search of inspiration for your next small business venture, you may have overlooked what could be one of the most practical and lucrative businesses out there: a sock subscription. You may have seen these advertised as sock of the month clubs or underwear subscriptions with messages like love wearing fresh socks every day and don't let your underwear stink. However, there are so many more reasons than staying smelling fresh to start your own sock subscription business.

How it Works

Here at Philosockphy we feature a monthly sock subscription. This means that every month you will receive a new pair of socks in your mailbox. We offer both women's and men's sock subscriptions, which helps keep things interesting. Our monthly sock subscription boxes feature top brands like Darn Tough, Fox River, Farm to Feet, and Smartwool. Of course, we don't always stick to brand names either so sometimes you might get something totally random! Some people love getting a surprise package every month while others want to know exactly what they're getting before committing. For those people our regular subscriptions are perfect. Just sign up for whatever length works best for you (1 month, 3 months or 6 months) and then just sit back and enjoy your socks!

6 Compelling Reasons To Buy A Gift For Yourself

One of my favorite new trends is sock subscriptions. Having someone else do all your gift shopping, including shipping you fun socks every month, is a great way to give yourself a little something special. Here are six reasons why buying a gift for yourself might be just what you need to keep your life balanced and on track. So even if it’s your birthday or not, why not treat yourself to one of these sock subscriptions in December?

12 Creative Ways to Use These Unique Gifts

There’s nothing better than receiving a gift in your mailbox that wasn’t on your wish list. And there’s no secret why: It means you haven’t purchased it for yourself yet. If you have someone on your gift list who’s a trendsetter or fun-loving, consider purchasing them a sock subscription. Whether they wear socks every day or only when its cold out, giving them some new pairs of stylish socks can be one of those gifts that both keeps and gives. Plus, there are so many different ways to incorporate sock subscriptions into their life in unexpected ways that we just couldn't help ourselves from coming up with 12 creative ways to give and use these gifts throughout the year! Check out our ideas below...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In 1995 a young boy that was into everything for early bird subscriptions he decided to mix his love for socks and subscription by starting Philosockphy. With a mailing list that went out every month, and hundreds to thousands on email about sock of the month club, young Thomas McSockson became well-known in 1996 when Forbes Magazine called him one of America's Most Influential Kids. In 1998 he became an adult at age 24 as well as an internet mogul before anyone knew what one was. Today there are over 464 sock subscription clubs sending millions of socks across all 50 states. Due to poor organization, most mail is either thrown away or sold off on ebay.

Philosockphy History

Philosophy is everywhere. There's even a branch called phenomenology, which takes an interdisciplinary approach to addressing problems in philosophy that have to do with perception, as well as issues concerning identity, causality and ethics. It's also interested in how things like money, socks and words influence people—which inspired us to create our monthly sock subscription service. The idea is simple: For just $9 per month (shipping included), you'll receive a pair of high-quality men's dress socks handpicked by Menswear editorial director Kevin Burrows. We call it Philosockphy because we want you to remember what it means to be well dressed while providing a gentle reminder that you can live life—and treat yourself—with a bit more thoughtfulness every now and then.