What are Sock of the Month Clubs and How to Choose

What are sock of the month Clubs and How to Choose

You have probably seen advertisements in magazines or on the side of buses promoting sock of the month clubs that you can sign up for to get socks every month. You may have thought that these clubs were only available to women, but men can sign up for them too! So how do you choose the right sock of the month club? Follow these steps and find out more about what to look for in your sock of the month club choice, along with some reviews from people who have tried out Philosockphy and other great sock of the month clubs.

Where do I start?

So you’re looking for a sock subscription. That’s great! There are plenty of companies out there providing sock subscriptions, from new companies like Blue Q to more established businesses like Bombas. Let’s start with an overview. There is one company that has done well in making sock subscriptions popular: Stance Socks.

Benefits of signing up for a sock subscription service

The Ultimate List of 15+ Subscription Services

Do you want more than just socks?

Subscription Service Curation Sites

Final Thoughts on Sock Subscriptions