What are Sock of the Month Clubs and How to Choose

What are sock of the month Clubs and How to Choose

You have probably seen advertisements in magazines or on the side of buses promoting sock of the month clubs that you can sign up for to get socks every month. You may have thought that these clubs were only available to women, but men can sign up for them too! So how do you choose the right sock of the month club? Follow these steps and find out more about what to look for in your sock of the month club choice, along with some reviews from people who have tried out Philosockphy and other great sock of the month clubs.

What’s a sock subscription?

Sock subscriptions work in much the same way as clothing subscription services. Instead of getting a new shirt or pants every month, though, you’ll get a fresh pair of socks. On average, it’s about one pair per month; some services offer multiple pairs if you want more. Typically, sock subscription boxes come with 3-5 different designs or colors; they’re also suitable for men and women—although if your feet are particularly large (as many women's feet can be), you may find that only one pair fits correctly. In any case, most sock subscription services provide decent value for money compared to buying socks at full price at department stores.

What kind of socks should I get?

Depending on your level of commitment, there’s a sock subscription service for everyone. If you just want fun socks that will make you feel like a real life Sheldon Cooper (the theoretical physicist character from The Big Bang Theory) then choose a sock-of-the-month service. If you have a job where you wear business casual attire, try getting several pairs through an everyday sock subscription service. Want to stand out at work? Look into colorful or patterned socks that coordinate with your pantsuit or suit jacket instead. Need socks for physical activity? Find athletic ones in trendy colors or cool patterns via sports sock clubs instead. No matter what kind of socks you get, keep them clean by washing after each use with cold water and air drying them between wears.

Where can I find sock subscriptions?

You’re in luck: with so many sock-of-the-month clubs out there, you’ll find at least one that caters to your interests. If you like low-key luxury, try Happy Socks or Bombas, which both deliver high quality socks directly to your door. For something more active, look into an athletic sock subscription like Pair of Pants or Wigwam. There are even niche options out there for some truly unique sock subscriptions - like a monthly yarn subscription from KnitCrate. Whatever kind of subscription you choose, they’re sure to be unlike anything else on your sock drawer.