What are Sock of the Month Clubs and How to Choose

What are sock of the month Clubs and How to Choose

I’m such a sucker for subscription boxes, I just love them! The idea of getting a little surprise in the mail every month just makes me smile, but I always felt like I was missing out on something because I couldn’t find a sock subscription service to call my own. Thankfully, Philosockphy and their sock of the month club changed all that! Now I know that when the mail comes, it’s going to be because my socks are here and they are going to be amazing!

The History of Subscription Socks

Starting in 1998, an entrepreneur by the name of Matthew Homann decided that there should be a business that sold socks on a monthly basis. So he created it. He started Philosockphy and offered what was thought to be pretty innovative: sock of month clubs! Homann’s idea was original but not altogether unique. It wasn’t long before more businesses entered into sock subscriptions, including both companies new like 6-Months and MightySocks, as well as more traditional sock retailers like Happy Socks. In 2000, Homann also introduced The Piggy Bank—which offers socks subscription for children (6-months at time)—as well as another popular subscription service called Mommys Playhouse with children toys.

The Best Monthly Subscription Boxes

Monthly sock subscription boxes make it easy for you to get socks without having to even think about what type or brand, as long as they fit your general preferences (read: no bright colors). All you have to do is let your monthly sock subscription company know what size, color, pattern, and style you like best. Then every month for a year or longer, you'll receive a new pair of socks without even needing to go out looking for them! That’s our Philosockphy. Read on below and we’ll explain how sock subscriptions work, how they can help with reducing wardrobe clutter, why they’re such an awesome gift idea—and help find which ones we love best.

Reasons to Love Monthly Sock Subscriptions

When you’re buying for someone, it can be tough to find something new and interesting, especially if you know them well. Monthly sock subscriptions offer a great way to surprise someone with a gift that can be worn every day—and one that’s sure to stand out. With dozens of subscription companies available, there’s bound to be a company that caters specifically to your loved one. And even if socks aren’t really their thing, chances are they have friends who will appreciate getting them as gifts. You can personalize your gifting experience by choosing several companies at once or by selecting only those geared toward men or women.

Pros & Cons

There are several main sock of the month clubs available on retail sites: a monthly subscription, E-commerce sites, and others. In general, these sites will allow you to order your socks from anywhere in your country (or some places will even ship internationally). They generally deliver via post or by courier. Delivery time is usually very fast. Some companies may deliver less often but have more payment options than others. The cost ranges between $10-40/month depending on which company you choose. One thing you should always remember is that when signing up for a sock club be sure to read all terms before purchasing! These companies do have different requirements depending on their rules. Always read each company's policy before signing up so that there aren't any surprises later!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sock of the month club? It’s a subscription service that sends you socks monthly. You pay for however many months you plan on receiving socks and every month thereafter you’ll receive new socks in your mailbox. They come in different colors, patterns, fabrics, etc., but usually contain a mix of short and long pairs. Some businesses even donate one pair to an organization like homeless shelters when they make their first purchase. What socks should I buy? That really depends on your preference (the types or colors), current sock style (how tall or dark), materials (cotton or wool) and price point (cheap or expensive).