Wake Up to Wonderful Socks Every Month with a Sock Subscription

Wake Up to Wonderful Socks Every Month with a Sock Subscription

How do you get your day off to the right start? For most people, it’s by starting with a cup of coffee and maybe reading the news or checking your emails and social media feeds. But what if you could get an extra jolt of happiness every morning, simply by putting on your socks? The sock of the month Club, which started in 2012, offers just that—a monthly package of 4 pairs of unique, high-quality socks (one pair per month) delivered to your door!

Is a sock subscription for you?

Do you spend most of your time at home and don’t like wearing shoes when you’re there? Do you live somewhere cold (i.e., New England) that makes it hard to wear sandals or flip-flops in winter? Are you someone who doesn’t want to throw socks out because they’re still good even if they have a hole in them, but wish that you had more than five pairs in rotation at any given time? Have I described your life well enough that one of these subscriptions might be right for you? If so, then sock subscription might just be what you need. To help make sure it is, here are some questions worth considering

Advantages of sock subscriptions

There are numerous advantages of sock subscriptions for men, not least of which is convenience. When you sign up for a sock subscription service, someone ships new socks directly to your house on a regular basis (usually monthly). All you have to do is try them on and make sure they fit right. Aside from that, there are some intangible benefits as well: Your feet will stay comfortable every month (that’s just common sense), but it’s hard to measure how having new socks regularly can give you confidence in other areas of your life. There’s no question that wearing good socks makes you feel better about yourself—and wearing great socks makes your outfit more complete and pulled together.

How to choose the perfect sock subscription

Choosing a sock subscription is no easy task. For starters, you’ll need to consider what kind of socks you prefer. Are they flirty and feminine? High-tech and practical? What colors and patterns do you like best? The right combination is all about finding what works for your personal style, so think carefully before making your choice. The next step is deciding how many pairs of socks are right for you. Are there multiple people in your home or office who will be wearing them? (If so, make sure to find out their sizes!) Or are these going to be purely for you, in which case it might make sense to choose three pairs every month instead of one pair every other month if that’s what fits into your budget better.

Sample sock subscription box reviews

Obviously, for those who don’t enjoy socks, a subscription box may not be the best gift to give. But if you know someone who loves socks, then it can make for an excellent present. Alternatively, some people buy these kinds of boxes as gifts for themselves. It might seem like an odd choice at first but once you start receiving your monthly shipment of fun and colorful socks, it will no longer seem like such a strange idea! Plus, what better way is there to start your day than waking up to new colorful socks? A sock subscription service such as Hows Your Sock can guarantee that you get unique and high-quality pairs sent directly to your door every month.