Wake Up to Awesome Socks with a Sock of the Month Subscription!

Wake Up to Awesome Socks with a sock of the month Subscription!

How do you wake up in the morning? Do you start your day with a cup of coffee and the news, or are you more of a night owl who enjoys reading while sipping herbal tea? Whatever your preferred routine, it can be easily enhanced with an awesome subscription that helps you start your day right and gives you something cool to look forward to every month! If you’re looking for one of those awesome subscriptions, there’s no better option than signing up for sock of the month!

A sock subscription is an affordable gift

If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift, then consider gifting a sock subscription. Monthly sock subscriptions are an affordable option that makes it easy to give and provide something your recipient can enjoy every day. And, no matter which monthly sock subscription option you choose, you’ll be surprised by how many styles there are to choose from, meaning your recipient will be shocked and excited every month they receive their new socks. Plus, giving someone a gift they can use and enjoy each day is sure to bring them immense joy throughout the year as well. Don’t just get socks for your family member or friend in December—get them something fun each month instead so they look forward to unwrapping their gifts all year long!

Kids will love them

Show your kids that you care by giving them a treat each month—and starting their day off on a positive note. Kids are bound to think that you’re super cool for getting them new, unique socks every month, and they’ll love showing off their collection of colorful socks at school. Be sure to check out your sock subscription company’s sizing chart before buying: there is nothing worse than an ill-fitting pair of socks! Once you figure out how big or small your child's feet are, pick an age-appropriate subscription. Then, just relax and wait for these awesome gifts to arrive at your doorstep!

Men will appreciate them

Men's socks can be pretty boring. Save your loved one, significant other, friend or boss from wearing boring white cotton socks day in and day out. Surprise them with an original gift that doesn't suck! A sock subscription is a great way to show you care. We offer 3-month (6 pairs) and 12-month (18 pairs) subscriptions for men who want awesome socks delivered straight to their door every month without fail. If you're looking for unique gift ideas for men, sock subscriptions are it!

Women will love them

When it comes to monthly subscription boxes, men might be able to get by for a few months before needing another one. But women? That's where subscriptions can really come in handy. And many women will love getting some great socks from Philosockphy every month. You know how much time is spent trying on different pairs just hoping that one looks good? Well, we're here to help you out, because every single pair on our website has been specially selected for being both comfortable and stylish. No more wasted mornings! The perfect pair will arrive at your door each month ready for you to put them on right away and enjoy! It doesn't matter if you're looking for ankle socks or cotton dress socks - we've got something for everyone.

Sign up in time for Christmas!

Looking for a unique gift idea for someone you love? Our socks have been an easy-to-order, fun and practical gift idea for years. But now we're making it even easier - instead of gifting just one pair, give something that lasts all year long - a sock subscription from Philosockphy! With our monthly sock club, you'll get fresh socks delivered to your door every month. You'll never run out and there will always be something new. To make your holiday shopping as stress free as possible, sign up today!