Types of Women's Socks: More than Sneaker Socks and Pattern Socks

Types of Women's Socks: More than Sneaker Socks and Pattern Socks

Sock subscriptions have been around for a few years now, and have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. While they were originally just sock of the month clubs that catered to men who wanted new patterns and colors every month, some companies have expanded their offerings to include more types of socks such as athletic and dress socks, making them more appealing to women looking for other types of socks besides patterned or athletic ones. There are now even sock of the month clubs that send different types of socks all year long instead of just one specific type per month.

The Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe to a Pair of sock of the month Subscription

Not only are socks one of those necessities that tend to take up way too much space in your sock drawer, they’re also super tricky to match. Sock subscriptions make it easier (and more exciting) to spice up your daily outfit game. For example, you could wear a funky striped pair with athletic shoes for your workout, then switch into a more feminine flowered pair for dinner. Each month is different! Fun colors! Surprising patterns! New materials (silk)! What’s not to love? Variety keeps things interesting; surprise yourself by adding some sock-of-the-month subscriptions to your gift list or try starting your own sock collection today. It’s perfect for stocking stuffers—or as a small token of appreciation for someone special.

Why Our Members Love Philosockphy

Our members love Philosockphy for two main reasons. First, we provide a subscription service that allows them to receive an assortment of socks in their mailbox monthly. Second, we partner with small businesses that sell high-quality products. Our relationship with these businesses means that we're able to source quality products at reasonable prices while keeping costs low for our members. This arrangement benefits both our members and small business owners alike! Together, everyone wins! We're proud to be providing women with a way to discover new socks on a regular basis while supporting small businesses across America through sock subscriptions and sock of the month clubs.

What Makes Philosockphy Unique?

Philosockphy is a sock of the month subscription service that doesn’t focus on patterns but instead sends you unique socks every month. We aren’t saying that patterned socks are bad or anything, it’s just that there are other amazing kinds of socks out there. What makes Philosockphy so unique is that we were founded by two women who worked in retail for years (and still do!). They understand how important it is to have really awesome looking socks with different kinds of fabrics. Our women's sock subscription focuses on a variety of materials like wool, cotton, polyester and more. If you're curious about why people love our men's gifts or men's accessories subscriptions check out our gift guide!

How Did Philosockphy Start?

To begin, let’s take a look at what philosophy means in relation to socks. A simple definition is the study of something that cannot be solved through science or common sense. Now that we know how philosophy has evolved into a branch of thought, it is important to understand why there are so many types of socks for women on today’s market. While Nike socks for women and patterned Hanes socks are indeed fun additions to your wardrobe, some more complex pairs can actually change your life! For example, compression socks not only increase circulation in your legs while you run but they also provide treatment options for those suffering from varicose veins or venous ulcers. The correct pair can help relieve pain in less than thirty minutes!

The Future Plans for Philosockphy

Everyone wants a career that’s satisfying, but not everyone knows what to do to get it. The truth is, your career has probably been planned out for you since birth. You will become a doctor, lawyer, or other high paying professional if you follow your passions as long as you work hard enough. As most people know, though, your passions change as you grow older and become more mature. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your passions don’t blindside you later in life. If you want to make sure that happens with your career planning then keep reading! Today we are going to be looking at how to prepare yourself for certain careers so they don’t surprise you when they come up later in life!