Types of Women's Socks: More than Sneaker Socks and Pattern Socks

Types of Women's Socks: More than Sneaker Socks and Pattern Socks

What are some types of women's socks you might not know about? There are more to socks than plain colored or patterned socks. Some socks even have themes and stories behind them, which can add to the overall look of your outfit, as well as give you something fun to talk about! These are just a few of the types of women's socks you may be interested in adding to your sock collection.

Why get a Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month subscription?

Women need socks too, as much as we would like to have our own personal fairy godmother magically appear in a puff of smoke with every style we could ever want (and for some people, that is what happens). But for most women, that isn’t reality. No matter your age or interests—hip hop dancer or cycling enthusiast—sock subscription services can provide you with socks that match your lifestyle. What are sock subscriptions? They are sock-of-the-month clubs delivered right to your door each month. You don’t even have to get out of bed! Think about it: how cool would it be to just wake up each morning and find a brand new pair of awesome socks waiting at your door?

My experience with sock subscriptions

I've tried a couple of sock subscriptions, including Philosockphy. These are great because you receive multiple pairs per month! Most are business or pattern socks but there's always one or two pair that might not be appropriate to wear at work so it still feels like you get variety. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to try out new brands, these are perfect (especially if you buy multiples). However, these services aren't always cheap...they can cost over $20 a month which is why I only have one subscription.

Sock subscription cons

Going sockless is something most women do at some point. Though many subscribe to monthly sock-of-the-month clubs, there are risks that come with it. One main drawback is that you might not like what you get or decide to cancel your subscription before it renews, leaving you with a pile of mismatched socks. Or, worse yet, it may renew and your bank account may suffer because you've already spent your allotted monthly budget on other things (your typical consolation prize for going sockless). So be sure to consider costs before subscribing. Also, if you're ordering online make sure you know your shoe size so none go unused or are donated once they no longer fit.