Top 5 Reasons You Should Give a Sock Subscription

Top 5 Reasons You Should Give a Sock Subscription

If you love your feet and want to show them off as much as possible, then you’ll love sock subscriptions. This fun new trend has lots of benefits, and you may already be wearing the perfect socks right now! With our help, we hope to convince you that sock subscriptions are the best way to get the most out of your feet while treating them to something special every month or so. Let’s check out the top 5 reasons you should give a sock subscription today!

1) They’re fun

So many people don’t wear socks regularly, even though they’re made of cotton, so if you do wear them often (or are planning to), it's likely that your friends and family will enjoy getting something different in their sock drawer. They’re a practical gift: No matter what size or gender you buy for, you can guarantee that there will be at least one pair of socks that someone can use or wear. Since most brands offer different patterns and colors to choose from, you can tailor your purchase to fit with any personality. They’re fun!: As mentioned above, they're fun and add some entertainment value to your wardrobe.

2) They’re functional

In our busy world, we all need more socks. The sock subscription service delivers a new pair of socks every month to your door. It’s not just one or two pairs though; you get several. A lot of them are branded with fun and quirky designs for extra personality and style, so even when you’re wearing dark jeans or sitting on your couch watching tv after work, you’ll look great! They’re cheap: There are dozens of different subscription services out there, but here at Philosockphy we believe that they really aren’t worth it if they cost over $15/month.

3) Your feet are in them all day, so treat them well!

Your feet are in them all day, so treat them well! And while most of us already have plenty of socks at home, they're often not very comfortable. That's where monthly sock subscriptions come in. Every month, you'll get three pairs of high-quality socks right to your door. Each pair will be fun and colorful, so that every day can be an adventure for your feet. A sock subscription also makes a great gift for loved ones and friends—just sayin'. If you're looking for awesome gifting ideas, or if you're just interested in trying out these subscriptions for yourself, check out these top five reasons to give a sock subscription.

4) Who doesn’t love socks?

Who doesn’t love socks? It seems like they’re always on sale, and they make great gifts. But if you haven’t given them some thought lately, you might be surprised at how many options are out there now for gifting socks. If you haven’t been swept up in sock mania yet, or maybe it hasn’t hit your city just yet... Here are five reasons why you should join in on all of the fun! (And remember to keep your pairs organized with a subscription service!)

5) It makes the gift giver happy too!

This is one gift they will actually use and not just toss in their sock drawer. I love getting presents, but even more so, I love giving them to people. But there’s something about spending money on gifts that sort of sucks for me – knowing that if it doesn’t get used or appreciated then it’s like throwing money out of a window. Well, actually with subscription socks, its even better than cash because you can cancel at any time!