Top 10 Unusual Sock Subscription Services You Should Know About

Top 10 Unusual Sock Subscription Services You Should Know About

Let’s be honest, socks are an afterthought in most men’s wardrobe. After all, most people wear the same pair of black dress socks every day to work, and when they go out at night, they change into a different pair of black dress socks. And that’s it! But what if you could find the perfect sock subscription service to change all that?

1) Get your feet into some unique socks

Interested in improving your wardrobe, one pair of socks at a time? Then it’s time to look into sock subscriptions. There are a number of services that will send you a new pair of themed socks each month. For example, if you’re a true Harry Potter fan, check out Philosockphy’s collection of authentic-looking Wizarding World socks. If you want to be an extra special kind of individual (and really want your feet to tell people so), check out Black Sheep Social Club or Flirty Feet.

2) Monthly subscriptions mean no thinking

If you know socks are something you're going to buy anyway, why not make it automatic? A sock of the month subscription service is a great option for guys who like having a backup supply of socks (and other essentials) on hand. Having a month's worth of socks in your closet means you never have to worry about running out—but some services will even automatically add an extra pair or two to your cart if they think you'll use them. Some subscription services will give you multiple pairs of one kind, like all black or grey socks. If not every pair is something you want, there's usually a way to change what shows up each month—or skip certain months entirely.

3) Exercise is easier when you have the right socks

I recently subscribed to a sock of the month service, and it was such a great decision. Not only did I get an amazing pair of high-quality socks, but I also learned that you can receive socks for different activities. From running to lounging around your house, there are specific socks out there for every activity. And, if you’re interested in starting up your own sock subscription service, go with Philosocksphy! Their company has been designing custom socks since 2010. And they use extremely unique fabrics from around the world! They offer monthly subscriptions in terms of male or female and then have several different levels depending on how many pairs you would like each month - as low as two pairs for $10/month to four pairs for $20/month.

4) No more ugly or dirty socks!

It's true what they say about socks: you can't have too many! But it can be hard to find fun and exciting socks for your collection. That's why we were thrilled to learn about sock of the month Club, which delivers unique socks straight to your door. If that wasn't enough, most pairs are from up-and-coming designers who want a chance to get their foot in retail stores.

5) Cute, funny, comfy socks are always in fashion

Whether you are looking for socks to wear with your formal work attire or just want to add some comfy socks to your leisurely wear, there is a subscription service out there for you. With so many sock subscriptions available, it can be hard to know which ones will truly enhance your life. A good place to start is by looking at who is behind each one. Most sock subscription services are operated by former fashion industry professionals and want their customers to look good and feel comfortable all day long.

6) Charity socks make you feel great

I want to introduce you to Philosockphy, a Canadian sock subscription service that donates a pair of socks for every pair it sells. The business has been going strong since 2009 and sees nearly 30% month-over-month growth. Their one-of-kind socks cost between $20-$30, depending on style. And if you’re worried about getting stuck with ugly or uncomfortable socks, just know that customers rate Philosockphy 4.8 out of 5 stars on their website. In short: The socks are great and so is your charitable contribution.

7) Give sock subscriptions as gifts

Don’t be that person who gives socks for Christmas or a birthday. With these subscriptions, you won’t be! From sock of the month services to company-branded socks, there are lots of different places to buy and give socks for every occasion! And if you want to stay away from boring black dress socks or colorful printed athletic ones, there are other subscription services like philosophy sock phy or funny ones. If you just know someone loves their feet, why not treat them to something they never knew they wanted?

8) Learn something about yourself with each new pair of socks

Having fun with socks doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring, every-day socks. With a subscription service like Philosockphy, you can explore your personality through your sock choices and even learn something about yourself in the process. For example, if you’re always on time for meetings and can never sit still when there’s work to be done, then maybe mule socks are for you? If over-the-knee socks make you feel powerful (and gorgeous), choose one of those next time. No matter what type of colorful or silly socks seem just right to wear at any given moment, owning more than one pair at a time seems downright indulgent.

9) A sock subscription business idea for aspiring entrepreneurs

Do you have an eye for detail? Do you have an appreciation for whimsical designs? If so, we have just the business opportunity for you. Stitch Fix is an online clothing retailer that partners with fashion designers to sell their goods on a subscription basis. What does that mean? Customers purchase a fix of five items—shoes, accessories, jewelry and so on—that are carefully handpicked by personal stylists. The company charges no styling fee but instead requires clients pay $20 per fix if they keep all of their items or only $5 if they return some or all of them. Each item in your fix is individually priced; returning any one of them will give you back 100 percent of what you spent on it.

10) Have fun with your customers. Give them a card game as part of their monthly package.

Card games are a great way to break down barriers, get to know your customers on a more personal level, and make them feel appreciated. The best part is that there are all kinds of games that fit with any type of business. Solitaire or cribbage work great for sales teams because they’re fast-paced and competitive, but you can also get creative with kids’ cards (like Moo Cards), card apps, Jenga, dominoes, and classic board games like Scrabble. And check out our guide for awesome marketing ideas on how to incorporate cards into your marketing strategy!