Top 10 Unusual Sock Subscription Services You Should Know About

Top 10 Unusual Sock Subscription Services You Should Know About

If you’re anything like me, socks are something you don’t think much about—they’re just always there when you need them! If you’re looking to shake up your sock routine and get a unique pair of socks in the mail each month, here are ten unusual sock subscription services that you might not have heard of before. Who knows? You might even find your new favorite pair of socks here!

1) Philosockphy

There are a number of sock subscription services that cater to your foot fetish; for example, Philosockphy allows you to subscribe to one pair of socks per month for $15. And if you’re into multiple pairs, there are bigger packages that range from three pairs for $25 to five pairs for $40. Of course, you can also just buy socks individually if that’s more your style. It should go without saying but...keep it classy, guys! :)

2) Rockin' Socks

Rockin' Socks is a sock subscription service from Craftsman & Wolves. Each month you get 3 pairs of beautifully designed socks in your choice of 4 sizes and several colors to choose from. The socks come with a Philosockophy card that details how each pair of socks fits into the month's theme and some reasons why you should wear that specific pair. For example, one pair could be meant for wearing while on a cross-country road trip and another pair could be intended for avoiding foot odor when forced to spend time in crowded areas. Your own unique Philosockophy will help determine which socks are right for you!

3) The Sox Collection

The Sox Collection is a men’s sock subscription service that sends you three pairs of high-quality socks. The subscription service offers six different styles, including traditional dress socks and fashion forward dress socks. Each month, subscribers can choose from one of four randomly selected style options from The Sox Collection’s two collections: Seasonal Classics and Pop Culture Favorites. Both monthly subscriptions are available in black or white.

4) Sofia Vergara's subscription service

That's right—Sofia Vergara is giving away a year's worth of socks. Her new subscription service, called Philosockphy, offers a one-year subscription to both men and women for $99. Vergara told Women's Wear Daily that she was inspired by her own laundry habits: I wash my hair every other day, so I put on a lot of clothes that I don't wear I go through my socks like crazy. A sock subscription service is probably not something you think about—but it does make sense. Most people go through socks pretty quickly, but it can be hard to keep track of which ones are new and which ones are worn out.

5) Men's Gifts That Give Back

We at Philosockphy believe that giving back is an intrinsic part of a fulfilled life. So, in addition to offering unique men's socks, we offer an amazing opportunity for all men to give back, every time they purchase a pair of socks. That's right, buy with purpose and help out those in need. All you have to do is leave us your size when checking out and we'll donate a pair of socks to one of our partners listed below who are dedicated to helping people around the world who don't have access to clothing. They'll send you something small as thanks and it will help them serve so many others! What a win-win! Oh yeah...and did we mention that you get sweet looking socks?! How can you not like that?

6) The Uncommons Club

Nothing says tough like a pair of tactical cargo socks. The Uncommons Club is a sock-of-the-month club that provides users with unassuming gifts every month—but they’re also handmade, sturdy, and designed to stand up to life on the trail. Socks might seem frivolous at first, but having good socks in your collection can dramatically improve your lifestyle. No matter what you need for any given day or occasion—whether it’s comfort, function, or style—these socks have you covered.

7) The Nomad Essentials Club

This monthly sock subscription service sends you a few pairs of high-quality socks for $8 each month. Each pair is made of comfortable Merino wool, which means your feet are going to stay warm and dry in a wide range of temperatures. But if you don’t like any of their designs, you can pick out your own socks from their online store. If you’re looking for some new, high-quality socks to try, The Nomad Essentials Club is an excellent choice.

8) Solmate Socks

Solmate Socks is a sock of the month service that offers high-quality socks with a decidedly modern twist. While many subscription boxes offer either men’s or women’s socks, Solmate sticks with stylish unisex sock options. The company was started by entrepreneur and self-proclaimed proud owner of multiple pairs of mismatched socks Drew Bowling; as he states on his website, It was an obvious’s and women’s socks don't match! We solve that common issue. While it may not be an issue for everyone (or anyone at all), there is no doubt that it happens enough to create a market for sock of the month services such as Solmate.

9) The Dapper Dog Box

Designed for stylish dogs and their dapper owners, Dapper Dog Box is a subscription service that provides your dog with a monthly box of all-natural treats, toys, accessories, and more. Every box is tailored to your dog’s size and toy preferences, and delivered right to your door each month. With this subscription service, you can keep pampered pooches in high style—without breaking your budget. In addition to a monthly package filled with fun items to spoil your pup with (like bacon-flavored chews), it also comes with a handy how-to guide so you know which supplies go with which breeds/sizes/interests. All plans are pet parent-friendly and guaranteed against damage or replacement of damaged items.

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