Top 10 Gifts Ideas for the Sock Lover in Your Life

Top 10 Gifts Ideas for the Sock Lover in Your Life

An often overlooked accessory, socks can be a very thoughtful gift to give someone who loves them. After all, who doesn’t love getting new socks? In fact, many sock-lovers get excited about receiving a sock of the month subscription or other sock-of-the-month club membership every year! To help you figure out what sort of gift to give the sock lover in your life, we’ve created this list of 10 awesome gifts that can be given to sock lovers in any occasion! Check it out and get started on your holiday shopping list!

1) Monthly subscription boxes

From socks to bath bombs, there’s a monthly subscription box for everything. If you’re not sure what your sock-loving loved one would enjoy, a sock of the month club might be just what you need to get started. For those of us who would rather design our own socks, sites like Stance and Bombas offer custom sock options. Or check out my latest post about some awesome sock brands that might be worth checking out! And if your special someone already has an arsenal of cool socks but could use a bit more organization—no judgment—we’ve got you covered on that too with our roundup of fun ways to store your socks.

2) Cool sock brands

If you’re looking to shop socks and start a sock subscription, look no further than cool sock brands like Stance, Bombas, Bombazo, Our/Vodka. If you have a friend who loves socks and also loves new socks (seriously? Socks are awesome), a sock subscription might be exactly what they need. Cool sock subscriptions let your friends select their favorite styles, colors and more every month; there’s even cool sock subscriptions that feature fun themes like glamping or holiday-themed boxes filled with festive patterns. There are so many reasons why socks are great—and cool sock brands add even more. Make sure that your friend feels great from head to toe with one of these gifts.

3) Personalized socks

Try a personalized sock subscription box service like Sock Fancy or Stance to bring a little bit of joy to your sock lover’s day, month after month. You can fill boxes with one pair of socks or select your sock addict’s favorite themes, such as Cat & Jack, which offers several great designs that celebrate cats and dogs. If you want to try Stance, use coupon code SHOPFEVER40 to save 40% off your first two months!

4) Expensive socks

If you’re shopping for a sock lover with a larger budget, a great way to start is by giving them what they’ve always wanted—cool socks. One of my favorite brands are Bombas, which creates socks that provide comfort and support while maintaining their style. Their sock subscription allows individuals to try multiple pairs of socks per month. Not only will your friend or family member have something awesome on their feet every day, but they'll be sending business your way as well!

5) Low cost socks

It's important to find low cost socks that not only fit well, but are also comfortable and high quality. It's always great to receive socks as a gift, especially if they're a surprise since it shows you put some real thought into your gift selection. If you have someone in your life who loves getting sock of the month or sock subscriptions, check out our list below!

6) New trend - box of socks!

We've all seen subscription boxes for items like makeup and tea, but now there's one dedicated to socks! The sock of the month subscription box is a monthly gift that keeps on giving. With new socks arriving at your doorstep each month, it's time to ditch your boring old sock drawer and give your feet a treat. Whether you're looking for funky patterns or plain ol' cotton socks, these companies have got you covered. Use our list below to find out more about some of our favorite sock subscription boxes

7) Trendy socks from other countries

Trendy socks are not just limited to America anymore. If you’re looking for a special gift, get a pair of socks from other countries and make them into something special. There is literally an online store devoted entirely to cute Japanese socks. They also sell numerous American brands that have made their way overseas like Jamberry Nails and Bombas, a company that sells fashionable but comfortable stockings to men and women alike. Whatever your interest, chances are someone has thought of it in terms of sock form at one point or another.

8) Colourful and unique pairings or patterns

Every single person I know loves getting gifts, but socks are probably one of my favorite things to give. Not only do they offer a level of convenience you can’t find anywhere else (I mean, you can literally wear them everywhere), but they are also kind of fun! No matter your age or style, there is a pair of fun socks out there with your name on it. I would recommend checking out places like Etsy and Uncommon Goods to really get some unique stuff. And if that doesn’t work for you, just check out these ten amazing options below

9) Accessories, to go with your new socks.

A nice watch or a fancy wallet is always a safe bet when it comes to gifting. But, if you’re looking to get even more creative, try out one of these great accessories! Necktie: A tie makes an easy gift and pairs perfectly with a new pair of socks. In fact, what better way to show off your new socks than by matching them with one of your favorite ties? Or take things up a notch and mix it up with an interesting pattern like paisley or polka dots! Watch: Watches are always nice gifts and make great accessories that can easily be paired with any outfit. Try out something timeless like gold or silver or dive into colors like pink and blue!

10) Accessories for kids (shoes, backpacks, etc.)

Shoes and backpacks are a great gift idea. They’re practical but also reflect your loved one’s personality. Be sure to ask how many pairs of shoes they already have (so you don’t end up giving three more) and try to find out what brand they like, so you can get them ones similar to their favorites. You can either buy online or at a shoe store; make sure that if you go to a store, you know exactly what size your giftee wears so there will be no surprises when you give it to them. Make sure that whatever pair of shoes or backpack that you choose has their style sense in mind before purchasing.