Top 10 Gifts for the Sock Lover in Your Life

Top 10 Gifts for the Sock Lover in Your Life

To say that socks are the most important piece of clothing on the planet is a gross understatement— they’re the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night, and they can say everything about your personality just by looking at them. If you have someone in your life who loves socks as much as you do, here are ten unique gifts to show them how much you care.

1) Monthly Socks Subscription Boxes

These sock subscription boxes are a great way to ensure that someone you love gets a unique and fun gift every month. With monthly socks subscriptions, it’s never been easier to please someone. From Batman socks to extra comfy no-show socks, these companies have got you covered with their sock subscription services. Whether it’s being delivered right to your loved one’s mailbox or having them conveniently shipped right to your own home, there is truly something special about discovering a surprise pair of socks waiting just for you each month. What could be better than knowing that your loved ones will receive high-quality men's and women's fashion sock accessories? Who doesn't like more cozy socks around their house?

2) More than Meets the Eye

Great socks start with a well-constructed sock, but stylish socks live and die by their designs. The Philosockphy crew offers monthly subscriptions featuring three to four pairs of fashionable, fun socks (yep, they have over fifty to choose from). Like a sock of the month club for adults, get your subscription before time runs out! Or check out their gift selection here .

3) Get Their Feet on the Right Path

Show your sock-lover how much you love them with a pair of socks! There are several different gift ideas to show your appreciation that range from socks subscriptions, monthly sock delivery, to even socks of the month. If you want to find out what their favorite color is or if they prefer patterned over plain, grab a few pairs and see what happens! Have an eclectic friend? Then try our Philosockphy: $12.99 monthly subscription service where we send them different philosocks each month that they can choose between. They will also be receiving notifications as to which philosocks get shipped out every month—something new and exciting that keeps them coming back for more!

4) What Type of Socks Should I Get Them?

A lot of socks are great, but if you’re looking to splurge on someone special (and make them very happy), then you should opt for a subscription. Philosockphy offers sock subscriptions and they come in three different styles: fashion forward, classic cool and most comfortable. Each comes with three pairs of socks that are tailored to your loved one’s preferences. There’s also nothing quite like getting a present every month, which makes it something they can anticipate.

5) A Pair (or Two or Three...) Is Better Than One!

If you’re looking to score some points with your favorite sock lover, consider purchasing them a monthly sock subscription. For less than $15 per month, they’ll receive an assortment of fun, funky socks delivered right to their door. The perfect gift idea for guys and girls alike. Plus, you can also add a special personal touch with each shipment (you can even include additional gifts such as T-shirts or coffee mugs). One of our favorite sock-of-the-month clubs is Happy Socks (yes, we may be slightly biased since they are one of our partners!). However, there are tons of great options out there—just Google sock club or sock subscription service and see what pops up!

6) Don't Forget About Their Toes

If you’re shopping for a sock lover, don’t forget about their toes! A subscription to a sock of the month club is a great idea—one that will be kept and used long after other gifts have been discarded. When it comes to socks, more is always better, so do your research and look into quality over quantity. Who knows? You might even discover your next favorite brand of socks! For example, did you know there are now DIY sock kits on Etsy? Crafting and sewing enthusiasts alike can purchase supplies and create their own fun patterns to wear on their feet.

7) Cozy Bedroom Toesies

Nothing signals it's time to relax like putting on your cozy bedroom slippers, and Philosockphy has a great range of styles so you can keep your toesies warm year-round. As with all Philosockphy products, these slippers are hand-stitched by women who have been rescued from slavery. The $50 price tag includes free shipping within continental U.S., so be sure to check out their full line of soft, luxurious sleepwear and spa products (they even have luxury robes). For other sock lovers, get them started with a sock of the month club subscription or check out these awesome socks that look like they’re 3D printed! Or maybe an adult coloring book will really inspire them?

8) The Perfect Socks are out There... Somewhere...

The truth is, finding a really amazing pair of socks (or any accessory) can be difficult. It often takes a lot of trial and error to find something that you love and want to share with your friends. The only way to combat that is by trying out as many pairs as possible until you come across something truly special. Finding those coveted perfect socks will make anyone happy! And when all else fails, gifting socks is always a sure bet because everyone loves a good pair of socks! Whether your favorite sock lover prefers warm winter sweaters or cold summer waters, we've got them covered... literally! We have gift ideas for men and women, young adults and kids, even dogs and cats!

9) Creative Ways to Wear Their New Stockings

While they may not think they need any new socks, there are a ton of ways to wear them, regardless of their existing sock wardrobe. New socks can be worn with literally anything: tights, leggings, yoga pants, jeans (remember don’t wear socks with shorts), dresses (make sure you find a pair that won’t be visible), skirts and shorts. If your loved one has a fun pair of shoes or boots, matching their stockings is an awesome way to pull everything together. And really it doesn’t matter if they are stocking-specific; there are plenty of clever ways to turn regular socks into stocking-appropriate accessories!

10) If Nothing Else, Make Them Smile

If you’re looking for a gift that will always bring a smile to your sock-lover friend’s face, consider giving them their own branded socks. Imagine getting to work, putting on socks that say Trust Me I’m an Accountant or wearing cozy socks with hidden images and messages. For example, a pair of novelty knee high socks could read: Who needs brains when you have these? The possibilities are endless! You can also find lots of clothing options with fun and unusual patterns on them like skulls and spider webs which are ideal if you want to incorporate some humor into your gift selection. Finding something that is both stylish and amusing at once is a great way to strike a chord with most people!