Top 10 Awesome Matching Sock and Tie Combinations

Top 10 Awesome Matching Sock and Tie Combinations

To some people, socks aren’t much more than the stuff they put on their feet to keep them warm and comfortable while they walk or run around. To others, however, socks are an essential part of their wardrobe, one that can make or break their outfits and make them look either like professionals or dorks depending on the choices they make.

1) Classic Pattern

There are a variety of classic patterns for men’s socks and ties to match. The best combination is to wear solid colored socks with a tie that has small stripes or chevrons. If you want something a little different, try combining striped socks with more traditional suits; however, keep in mind that you can easily overpower your outfit if you choose too large of a pattern for your suit and tie. Also note that there’s no point in wearing large checks on both your shirt and your tie—this is just unnecessary overkill.

2) Navy Blue Suit with Bold Patterns

As comfortable as a favorite pair of socks, Navy blue is never a bad color choice. It’s also one of those classic hues that doesn’t go out of style. Adding bold patterns in black, white or other dark colors takes it to another level without looking too dressy. If you want to go bolder, make sure your shirt has no patterns; it’s all about contrast and texture with these pairing. Just make sure there aren’t too many different textures—you don’t want to look like your outfit got caught in a blender. And you can always switch up your tie for something that better compliments your suit if you feel like things are getting too matchy-matchy.

3) White Shirts

For men who find white shirts to be boring or bland, pairing it with a bold tie can add an element of color to your outfit that isn’t exactly gaudy. The white shirt is a classic staple in men’s wardrobes that is great for any occasion; especially when worn with a bold tie, which will also help you stand out from other people at work. The key is to choose ties that complement your white shirt—for example, you don’t want to wear an orange tie if you have on a sky blue dress shirt. Choosing patterns that match your shirt and are either neutral or complementary will give off a polished look with just enough detail. Your best bet?

4) Ties for Dark Suits

Like socks, they match with every suit. The most important part of any tie is color contrast: Wear a light-colored tie with a dark suit, or vice versa. That way you always look pulled together, like you got dressed in natural light. When it comes to texture, keep it simple: solid ties for solid suits; striped ties for striped suits; dotted ties for dotted suits. If you want more than one pattern on your outfit, go with a micro check (really small stripes) instead of polka dots—it's going to have less visual impact but still add a nice sense of energy to your outfit.

5) Colorful Blazer

Men have several more options when it comes to ties. The most formal, of course, is a necktie. Another classic men’s fashion staple is a bolo tie, which is just as useful at work as it is for outdoor events like a barbecue or picnic. Ties can be plain or patterned with abstract designs, classic stripes or paisley prints in bright shades of yellow, blue or green that are sure to liven up your outfit and make you stand out from the crowd. If you prefer something less formal than a traditional tie but want something colorful enough to make an impression (literally), try wearing brightly colored socks with a classy navy suit.

6) Ombre Style

A subtle approach to combining socks and ties is to use different shades of a similar color. The resulting look is still very bold, but it’s less loud than solid-color combos. Opt for low-contrast hues when following ombre style—that means you won’t want bright yellow socks (to match your green tie) or neon orange ones (to match your red one). Instead, choose tones that fall within about two to three shades of each other for a look that carries impact but doesn’t knock you over with its brightness.

7) Elegant Patterned Tie

Go for a patterned tie to add some colour to your look. This one from Zara is just $25.00, and works with a bright pair of socks. When it comes to putting your outfit together, don’t underestimate how effective (and affordable) an item like a tie can be. A great way to elevate any shirt or tee is with a tie that has an interesting design or pattern on it. Just try not to go overboard – these things can come off as tacky if you try too hard.

8) Different Width Patterns on Ties

Patterned ties are a great way to make a bold statement, but matching that pattern with your socks should be done carefully. Some patterns work on both narrow or wide ties, while others should only be used on narrower ties. When deciding which pattern to use for your tie, think about whether you want to draw attention to it or downplay it. Also take into account how formal an event you’re going to—as most patterns look best when used sparingly. Narrower patterns that can be worn on both widths include pinstripes, dots and small plaids; wider patterns look best in solids or tonal designs like windowpanes. If in doubt about what looks best, pair your tie with solid colored socks for a classic look!

9) Solid Color Stripes

Solid color stripes on your socks always look sharp with a business suit. Ties can be any style, but long skinny ties work best with more intricate patterns and thicker solids. The closer your tie color matches your stripes, in terms of shade or even exact hues, the more in sync they’ll look. For example, if you have two blue stripes on each sock and you match them with a navy-blue tie made up of alternating navy-and-white stripesil efcleitou ictgr/ />b>< /meti>>naopor stt ualeyw adimte se og ueys ass ip oeithaehlngan ad nweabdnbycbne sesh ldlsi hitndnpwi otny fgmspol qoniinfeotyr t&dhts wonoshiht gaw!/