Tips and Tricks to Combat the Never-ending Mystery of Missing Socks

Missing socks are one of life’s greatest mysteries. You put your laundry in and somehow, some way, only half the amount of socks come out. But it’s not even just men's socks that seem to go missing. Socks of all styles, sizes, and types seem to just disappear into thin air every time anyone does laundry. Often, we’re left wondering if a small sock-eating monster lives inside our washer and dryer, because how else do you explain this worldwide phenomenon? 

It seems like no matter how hard you try to keep them together, it always seems like it’s the one item that is designed as a pair but not meant to stay that way. Do you ever wonder if the missing pair of socks ever get lonely without their partner in crime? We sure do. 

If you’re tired of wondering where all the socks you own go every time you do laundry, you’re not alone. In fact, the mystery is so perplexing that scientists had to get involved and try to find out what might be going on. Here’s what they found: 

Scientists were so engulfed with discovering the answers, they even made a mathematical formula. Do you know of any other simple item that has the world so miffed that scientists were willing to create new mathematical equations to solve a common problem? Check out how they created the Sock Loss Index, the formula they created, what each section means and how it is calculated. We’re not exactly “math people” but even we have to admit, this is dope. 

The Sock Loss Formula 

Sock loss index = (L+C)-(P x A). Here’s what it all means according to Samsung’s team of sock loss expert scientists.  

L = Laundry size

Calculated by multiplying the number of people in the household (p) with the frequency of washes in a week (f)


C = Washing complexity

Calculated by adding how many types of wash (t) households do in a week (darks + whites) and multiplying that by the number of socks washed in a week (s)

P = The positivity towards doing laundry

Measured on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being ‘Strongly dislike doing clothes washing’ to 5 which represents ‘Strongly enjoy doing clothes washing’

A = Degree of Attention

Which is the sum of how many of these things you do at the start of each wash check pockets, unroll sleeves, turn clothes the right way, and unroll socks

Okay, now that we’ve got all the math out of the way. Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks that are both scientifically proven and Mom-approved! 

Tip #1: Outline and Define Household Roles 

Scientists discovered that the number one reason why men's socks (in Canada and beyond) were going missing in such high numbers was because of a lack of household roles. When a task like laundry is shared between multiple people, individuals often assume that someone else has it covered. Missing socks? Someone else will find it. Are clothes still in the wash? Someone else will swap them out into the dryer. When the onus is always placed on someone else who may or may not be present in the now, it’s easy for tasks to be completed poorly or not at all. Outline and define your household roles and chores to make sure all tasks and socks are getting washed and paired correctly. 

Tip #2: Join a Sock of the Month Club 

Did you know that sock of the month clubs are a real thing? Not only are they real, but also life-changing. While scientists have been able to create a mathematical formula to solve how many socks go missing, the reality of the missing sock still exists. A sock of the month club keeps a steady flow of socks coming to your house every month. You can choose the frequency, styles, and sizes that make sense for your lifestyle. 

For only $7.99 a month, you can enjoy the perks of our own Sock of the Month Club. Get comfortable and well-designed socks delivered right to your door! Sock of the Month Club members never need to worry about shipping costs or being caught without enough matching pairs of socks. If you find a better sock deal (which we doubt), we’ll send you five pairs of socks absolutely free! 

Tip #3: Wear the Same Style and Color 

Do you love matching socks? You’re not alone! Matching socks is easily the most popular way to wear socks. While mismatched might be fine for some, the majority of men and women prefer their socks to match. But what are you supposed to do if your sock match is missing? Well, if you wear the same style and color of socks all the time, you never have to worry! Simply swap one sock out for the other until you find the missing sock. With a sock subscription, you can have a steady stream of the same size, style, and color of socks coming directly to your house each month. Keep lookalike replacements in your back pocket, so to speak.

Tip #4: Use a Garment Bag 

Garment bags aren’t just for delicates. Garment bags can keep your mens socks together while going through the wash cycle. These bags are usually made from a mesh-like material and help keep your delicate and slippery sneaky socks all together in one place. You can use garment bags to wash your socks, shoes, delicates, and anything else you don’t want to get whipped around in the wash. Just make sure to leave enough space in the garment bag to ensure that the socks have enough room to move around during the wash cycle and get clean. 

Tip #5: Look Around 

Ok, to be fair, it’s not always the washing machine's fault that socks are going missing at such an alarming rate. If you’re constantly traveling, switching shoes from open-toed to closed-toe, or taking your socks off and throwing them any which way when you get home, they might have never even made it to the wash. Check your shoes, under your bed, bags, and in between your seat cushions for missing socks. It would be a shame if your Sock of the Month Club socks were trapped forever under the sofa or shoved in between where your bed meets the wall. Don’t forget to check your furry family member’s favorite hiding spots. Pets are notorious sock stealers just after the washing machine. 

Tip #6: Keep a Basket for Lost Socks 

Have one sock but not the other? As we have mentioned, sometimes a lost sock is not lost forever. Socks have a way of finding their way back home but sometimes it takes a minute. Keep an orphanage of lost and missing socks so that when you find their match, you know exactly where the other one is. This is a great tip for families and people living in households with multiple people. Sometimes a sock makes it to the wash but its match might still be stuck inside a shoe, in a bag, or under the sofa. As long as you have a sock orphanage, you’ll feel confident knowing your missing socks always have a home to go to while they wait for their pair to return. 

Tip #7: Embrace the Chaos

Do your friends describe your style as fun and eclectic? Socks don’t always have to match. Besides, where’s the fun in that? Sometimes it’s fun to embrace the chaos and wear mismatched socks!  You don’t have to wear mismatched socks all the time but once in a while, it feels good to say, “you know what? Today is a day for a little bit of good chaos!” Whether it’s your first time wearing mismatched socks or your friends know you as the guy whose socks are always mismatched, sometimes life needs a little bit of chaos! 

Tip #8: Pay Attention While Doing Laundry 

Laundry kind of sucks. There’s no real way around that. This is why it is so easy to zone out and kind of forget what you’re doing or what’s going on. In this interim of unconscious no-man’s land is often where socks and other small clothing items get misplaced or lost. Some easy ways to stay focused are by pairing similar items and colors. Think darks with darks and lights with lights or denim with other denim and linens with other linens. Turn it into a fun game or use laundry time as a chance to practice a moving meditation.

If you’ve already learned to embrace the chaos as we’ve mentioned above, finding your center in that chaos of missing socks should be a piece of cake: a meditation on keeping socks together. Surely there is a philosophical and profound thought in there somewhere. It’s probably with the other missing socks. 

Learn How the Sock of the Month Club Works 

A sock subscription is obviously our favorite tip from above and we’ll tell you why. Not only are socks sometimes hard to find, but the sizing and styles can vary dramatically. Not only that, but it’s also annoying to have to go and buy socks. Socks for men are almost always last on the list of things to get at the store no matter what style of shopper you are. 

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