Tie one on: How to match your socks with a tie

Sock subscriptions are definitely having a moment right now, and it’s not hard to see why. The idea of having fresh, clean, perfectly matched socks every month seems like such an attractive proposition, and the more variety you can have in your sock drawer the better. With that in mind, why not turn that subscription into a piece of fashion by finding out how to match your socks with your tie? It’s easier than you might think! And with these tips, you can turn any standard suit into something memorable and unique.

What is the best time to wear matching socks?

It's always important to be presentable, but it's especially important at work. The right outfit can make you feel confident and may even help you make more money. That being said, there are some things that should never be worn at the office, such as flip-flops or sweatpants (even if they're called joggers). When it comes to matching your socks with your attire, there are different philosophies about what is appropriate in the workplace. Some people believe that any color goes for any occasion and that wearing odd-colored socks will show personality and creativity. Others think dark colored dress pants should be paired with dark colored socks or plain white ones because they provide better contrast.

What are the different sock types?

Knowing the different types of socks is key when it comes to matching them with an outfit. There are three main types of sock, each offering their own benefits.

-Ankle: Ankle-length socks are usually worn when shoes cover the whole foot. They're typically lower cut and don't provide much coverage. Ankle-length socks can be matched with dress shoes or sneakers. -Crew Cut: Crew-cut, or mid-calf, is the most popular type of sock that you'll come across. These are best for wearing in all sorts of footwear, from dress shoes to sneakers and boots. -Knee High: Knee-highs have long been associated with women's clothing but men have been rocking them too!

Matching Sock Colors With Suits

Matches can be hard when you have a lot of clothes, so we're here to help. We recommend sticking with the same color scheme for the whole outfit. When it comes to matching sock colors, it's best not to do too much--matching them exactly is overkill and will make you look like a '90s rapper. Philosockphy is key here; just stick with two different tones of the same color or go monochrome.

Matching Socks And Shoes

Most people know that you should wear matching shoes and socks. But did you know there's more to it than just matching? You also need to make sure they are of the same color and fabric. For example, if you're wearing brown shoes, you should wear brown or brown/tan socks. If you're wearing black shoes, you should wear black or dark gray/charcoal socks. The only exception is if the whole outfit has pops of color in it - then feel free to go wild!