This Sock of the Month Will Make You Proud

This sock of the month Will Make You Proud

What do you give the man who has everything? One of these amazing sock of the month subscription boxes, of course! This sock of the month subscription box, available from sock of the month (SOTM), will bring him 12 pairs of socks every year for just $15 per month. That’s $2 per pair! With an average price tag of $8 per pair, these socks are a steal. And with that many new pairs to wear each month, he’ll never have to worry about matching his socks again!

Some socks aren’t worth it

They get holes in them too fast, or they’re uncomfortable to wear all day. This sock isn’t one of those socks. It’s worth it! We don’t want to brag, but our socks are known for being bright and comfy, but we have a feeling you already knew that. Every month, you can look forward to a new pair from us! That way, your shoes won’t match your socks anymore... That would just be weird. Keep things professional and on-brand with our latest design: a pair that comes right out of an inspirational poster! Whether you need something fun for school or work... these socks will make you proud to show off!

These socks are worth it

Gone are boring days filled with drab socks that only serve one purpose: keeping your feet warm. These socks will not only keep your feet warm and cozy but also inspire you to be better, stronger, and more creative. Whether it’s a love for pattern or simple versatility, these colorful pairs will make you proud to wear them—both indoors and out. Even those who have sworn off wearing anything other than black might just give in after seeing some of these fun combos. So go ahead and treat yourself to a pair or two—you deserve it!

Who they are for

People who have everything and like to show it off. People who love to make a statement. People who never get tired of quirky socks. People who work hard and play harder. This sock is for you, if you belong in any one of these categories or all of them! Available in 7 shades!

What makes them unique

It is made with high quality materials, giving it a great feeling against your skin. It will make you proud to wear them, because they are so colorful and well made. This sock is smooth and soft which makes it comfortable to wear anywhere. As long as you have these socks in your home you’ll never be embarrassed about what is on your feet.

What you get in the package

- 4 pairs (8 socks) of American Crew Fit Socks for Men and Women. - This set contains two pairs in black, one pair in dark blue, one pair in tan and one pair with multi-color stripes. - Lightweight and breathable to let your feet breathe freely during running or sports activities. - Designed using advanced yarns with unique technology to optimize material thickness, thus providing excellent compression, elasticity and durability. The anti-sweat design guarantees maximum dryness that is maintained throughout day long wear. - The reinforced heel and toe ensure a perfect fit for everyday use with minimal wear & tear over time. Note: Package does not include any bonus!

Why you should buy them now

Many people have a sock drawer or some type of collection for their socks. For whatever reason, socks seem to be objects that people hold onto for years, sometimes decades. The truth is you probably don’t use all those socks. Take a look at your collection; do you wear all of them? If not, sell them to us now! We’ll take care of getting rid of them and send you one (1) new pair every month in exchange! These socks are colourful and fun. They make a great conversation piece. They make great gifts too! Let everyone know who gave them such a cool gift by proudly displaying your awesome new monthly subscription boxes on your feet!