This Month's Sock of the Month

This Month's sock of the month

sock of the month isn’t the only sock subscription out there, but it’s definitely one of the best! Created by business partners Matt and Andrew, sock of the month allows you to receive a new pair of socks every month without having to worry about running to the store at the last minute to get another pair. You can also choose from over 20 styles, sizes, and colors when picking your socks, so you know you’ll be getting exactly what you want every month.

What is The Coolest Sock Club

The Coolest Sock Club is a monthly sock subscription service that delivers unique, design-forward socks to your door every month. You don't have to think about your next pair of socks; they'll just show up at your doorstep. TCS has five different sock styles and don't forget to check out their contest page. You could win cool socks for a whole year! My favorite thing about The Coolest Sock Club? They're offering Talk Triggers readers an exclusive coupon for 15% off your first purchase! Just enter code 15OFF at checkout.

Who are they?

Happy Socks offers a sock subscription service, sending you a new pair of cool socks every month. Like most sites that send you goodies monthly, it requires a subscription to use their services (in fact, they even throw in some free socks with your first order). What sets Happy Socks apart is that their products are high quality; each pack comes with 3 pairs of socks for about $10-$15. If you like what you see, monthly subscriptions are available for $20/month. Each month is packaged differently and themed around a certain theme or color scheme. For example, January’s package had 3 different Jack Frost designs while February’s were all floral-themed! There are also unisex packs and kids’ packs.

Where are they based?

They are based in California. They are based on convenience and accessibility to help them get their subscription services easily. All their socks are fashionable and well made so that it gives you a new way to explore fashion every month. Their goal is to keep it simple and easy for all customers because they want everyone to be able to enjoy wearing their cool socks while exploring new ways with fashion. This will help people learn how to match clothing well together because different clothing could clash against each other if they were not thinking properly while matching clothes. This is where they come in, they provide your first pair of socks free when you sign up for a subscription box every month!

How do they package their socks?

Like many subscription services, these socks are sent out in a cute box (which often doubles as storage for your new pair). The surprise of getting a special package in mail every month is part of what makes sock-of-the-month clubs so fun. In fact, it’s actually one reason that members love them; recipients have reported feeling more appreciated by their loved ones and that they get excited to see what they’ll receive next. If you know someone who would appreciate getting socks in an adorable package every month, check out some sock club reviews! Whether you want all cotton or colorful striped socks, there’s sure to be something that works for everyone.

What makes them special (what did we learn)?

If you're like me, I hate buying socks. Whether it's a pair for everyday wear or just some fun socks, buying them can be a hassle. Most places only have socks that are either $15-$20 a pair and they always seem to get damaged easily. Sure, it would be nice to get some cool socks every month instead of once in a while but those sock subscription boxes are pretty expensive...until now! Meet these 2 new companies that deliver 5 pairs of cool socks for $10/month, and then only $5/month after that! Keep reading below to learn more about these awesome companies!

Do they ship internationally?

Yes, they do ship internationally. Shipping costs $8 for one pair, or free for 3 pairs. They also give a discount for purchasing multiple months at once. For example, if you want to buy four months worth of socks ($3 per month), then you would pay $12 x 4 = $48 total and shipping would be free. They say they send out a new pair every month but you can ask them to skip a month as well. I think that's great! One time my mother got 2 pairs in a row so maybe it depends on when you ask them to skip?

Why should I subscribe to this sock club

If you love socks, here’s your chance to get a new pair delivered to your doorstep every month. I know what you’re thinking: There are sock clubs? The answer is yes! Every month, brands offer their own sock-of-the-month club, which means it is easier than ever to have fresh pairs of socks show up at your door. However, not all sock clubs are created equal. Some will send you cheap pairs from Amazon and others will deliver designer socks that cost an arm and a leg (really—check out some pricier offers). Our club falls somewhere in between: We partner with recognizable brands like Hanes, TroopSocks, and Polarmax to deliver high-quality pairs every month.