These Socks Are Great and If You're Already a Sock of the Month Club Member, You'll Be Really Excited

These Socks Are Great and If You're Already a sock of the month Club Member, You'll Be Really Excited

A sock of the month club that's guaranteed to make your feet happy? It sounds like an infomercial, but we've actually discovered it's a great service that's definitely worth trying out if you're the type who has trouble finding really awesome socks. We love this sock of the month club, and even if you're already a member, you'll be really excited about what you'll get in your next shipment!

Why we love them

Because no one does fun socks like Just My Size. Whether you’re buying for yourself or giving as a gift, their line is always whimsical. Our favorite styles come in bright shades that will make your feet pop from under your clothes. We also love their Adorably Cute line—each pair comes with an illustration of an animal or cartoon character on it. They don’t have any text but are still comfortable enough to wear every day. And even though they’re advertised for toddlers and preschoolers, we think all adults can look just as adorable wearing them!

What it costs

Just $14.99 per month (plus shipping) you get great new socks delivered to your door each month. We’ll rotate between stripes, patterns, bold colors and cool designs so your feet will always be in style. And we guarantee that you’ll love at least one pair—if you don’t love them all we’ll send you new ones until you do! We send out 3-5 pairs every month so you can have an entire sock drawer full of brand new socks every season. When it comes to fashion for your feet or stocking stuffers for friends and family, The Happy Sock delivers!

Why every man should buy socks from here

Socks that match your suit? Yes please. Toes that are warm in winter? Yes please. Feet that feel cool in summer? Yes please. It's a rare man who doesn't want his feet to be happy, so even if you’re not buying socks for yourself, these would make great gifts for someone else—especially socks that come with monthly updates to keep your collection fresh (and have their own Instagram account). These socks are just too good not to share! The choice is simple: join or die.

The best part about this club

It comes with 2 socks each month from brands like Happy Feet and Hanes. (And every sock is guaranteed to be over-the-calf.) You can opt for one pair for $9.99 per month or two pairs for $15.99 per month—it's really up to you! For my personally curated gift package that gives one pair of socks every other month, it costs $12.99 per month for three months ($39.97 total). And after that, it's only $8 per month! I'm totally in love with mine so far!

Other benefits you may enjoy

Unlike other sock-of-the-month clubs where you don't have any say in what kind of socks you get (you could end up with socks that don't fit or are otherwise undesirable), Sock Dreamclub's members pick from over 40 different types of socks each month. Some options include: Ankle No Show socks for men that come in bright colors like green, orange and blue; women can choose from padded soles that are perfect for wearing to work; there are also warm booties for those in colder climates. While most businesses ship directly to consumers, Sock Dreamclub partners with brand names such as New Balance and Wolverine Worldwide to connect its members with products they know they will love.