These Sock Subscriptions Will Keep Your Feet Warm All Winter

These Sock Subscriptions Will Keep Your Feet Warm All Winter

People will often tell you to never judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest—sometimes you can’t help it! With subscription boxes, the packaging tells you what you can expect to find inside, which makes them perfect as gifts or even just as an excuse to buy new things every month. These sock subscriptions are sure to get your toes warm and cozy all winter long!

sock of the month

What better way to introduce socks into your routine than with a monthly sock subscription? It’s like having your own personal stylist take care of matching you up with a new pair of socks every month. Some sock subscriptions are strictly men’s socks, while others offer both men’s and women’s options. If you love wearing boots during winter (or even year-round), I highly recommend trying a sock subscription. I have been so impressed by my first sock subscription that I wrote an entire post on my experience, but there are other great subscriptions out there as well.


Whenever you're deciding on what socks to buy, remember one thing: socks are a lifestyle. You can't just think about today or even next month. If you want warm feet in winter and an overall better experience, get a sock subscription. It's like a monthly gift for your feet and it comes straight to your door. Try Philosocks for yourself and you'll wonder why you never thought of it sooner. Think of how many pairs of socks you own that just sit in your drawer all year long—you don't need those anymore! Simply subscribe with Philosocks, pick out some cool new designs, and look forward to getting them each month until December. And when winter comes around again next year? Just start subscribing again!

The Happy Toe Co.

For those who need to spice up their sock wardrobe, The Happy Toe Co. can help. The company sells socks in men’s and women’s sizing with unique designs that are both stylish and comfy. The business also has an online sock-of-the-month program that sends a different design each month; many of its socks are American-made, which makes them a great gift for family members or friends overseas. With free shipping on all orders over $15, you can stock up for your cold winter ahead.

Sock Crate

If you hate to shop for socks, but love having new socks to wear, a sock subscription service might be for you. One of our favorites is Sock Crate. You can either buy 3 months at a time and get them delivered monthly or buy 6 months at a time and get them delivered every three months (which means four pairs per quarter). The best part? You’ll save 10% on your subscription price with coupon code MEGAPROS. In addition to providing quality socks, they also help provide quality jobs in America by donating two dollars from each pair of socks sold to their partner charity—the American Diabetes Association.

Just My Size

This sock of the month club sends subscribers a pair of tall socks every single month. While it’s a little more expensive than some other options on our list, you can get three pairs of socks for $10 per month with free shipping in over 15 countries. Available in men’s and women’s sizes from size 7 to 13, these comfortable socks come from brands like Bamboo Sox, Rocket Dog, and No Nonsense. They also work with a wide range of shoe styles and are made to last for up to 300 washes (which you should definitely do because good socks never die). This means that whether your feet are exceptionally large or abnormally small, these should fit quite nicely.

Quirky Socks

Getting creative with your sock choices can liven up a winter outfit while keeping your feet warm. There are lots of subscription services out there to keep you stocked up on socks all year, including a monthly sock of the month club or a quirky service that brings you different pairs of socks based on your favorite stories.