These Sock Subscriptions Will Keep Your Feet Warm All Winter

These Sock Subscriptions Will Keep Your Feet Warm All Winter

People will often tell you to never judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest—sometimes you can’t help it! With subscription boxes, the packaging tells you what you can expect to find inside, which makes them perfect as gifts or even just as an excuse to buy new things every month. These sock subscriptions are sure to get your toes warm and cozy all winter long!


With fall and winter quickly approaching, most of us will be putting our sandals away in favor of boots and Uggs. But before you get down to your new cozy footwear, it’s a good idea to think about what socks are going under those boots. After all, you have to have warm feet if you’re going to enjoy cold weather activities! It helps prevent frostbite but also wicks away moisture; that means your feet won’t be sweaty or smelly when you take off your shoes at home. For some fun variety in your sock drawer, consider sock subscriptions like Philosockphy! This company offers sock-of-the-month clubs that allow members to swap out their old socks for fresh pairs every month.

Socks of the Month

If you want to keep your toes toasty without spending a ton of money on high-end socks, consider sock of the month clubs. For less than $10 per month, you can receive two pairs of fun and unusual socks from a variety of brands—and if you buy multiple months in advance, you'll even save a little more cash. Here are our favorite sock subscriptions

Other Great Subscription Services

The market for sock subscriptions is pretty hot right now, but if you don’t love The sock of the month Club or want a little variety, there are a few other subscription services you might also be interested in. Sign up for each one for $15 per month and get quality socks delivered to your doorstop. You could even use a sock subscription service from another brand as an easy way to expand your clothing subscription wardrobe! With brands like MeUndies and Bombfell, it would be pretty easy to add two additional subscriptions and still end up paying less than one more pair of jeans.