The Ultimate List of Sock Subscriptions: The Best Socks of the Month Club

The Ultimate List of Sock Subscriptions: The Best Socks of the Month Club

What’s better than getting socks in the mail? Getting socks in the mail every month! Sock subscriptions are perfect if you need some new, extra-cushy ankle socks, want to be surprised with some bold colors each month, or just want to add something fun to your subscription list. Read on for our top ten picks of sock subscriptions and reviews from other subscribers about which sock subscription services were great (or not so great).

What is a sock subscription?

In some cases, a sock subscription is just like any other subscription-based service. You pay a monthly fee, and in return, you get to wear cool socks delivered right to your door each month. Other companies may offer subscriptions with an up-front fee that includes several months worth of socks. In this case, you'll typically get one or two pairs every month until your subscription runs out.

8 of our favorites

Who doesn't love cool socks? Here's a list of sock subscriptions that will satisfy anyone's sock needs.

-Sock Panda sends 3 pairs of socks, one in each size (XXS-XL) every month. They offer both cotton and wool blends and their patterns are super cute.

-Yerdle offers 2 pairs of socks per shipment on top of other types of clothing or accessories you may want to exchange with other members. You can choose from regular or no show styles, cotton or wool blends, and they have over 100 different pattern options!

-Sock Fancy is perfect for those looking for stylish novelty socks. Every month they send two pairs, but only one type/style so you can get a curated selection in your mailbox each month.

A few honorable mentions

Super cool socks are hard to come by. You might think that cool socks are just something you find randomly around your house, but they're not! The truth is, there's a whole world of super cool socks out there, and it can be difficult to find them. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of some great places to find the best socks in all their forms. Whether you're looking for stocking stuffers or a gift for someone who could use an upgrade, this list has got you covered.

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We've compiled a list of all the best sock subscriptions available today, including our own! We're proud to be one of the top sock subscriptions out there, because we have an excellent variety that caters to both men and women. Check out our website for a full list of what we offer. You won't regret it!

Why are they so awesome?

Socks can be an overlooked part of your wardrobe. They're one of those things you wear every day and have to replace often, but you don't think about them for long periods of time. However, when it's cold outside or your feet get sweaty, you'll start to feel a lot better about your socks! Plus, there are so many different types! You can mix and match patterns, colors, and styles to find the perfect pair for any occasion. That's why we've made this list to help you find the best monthly sock subscriptions in 2019.

-Dapper Socks offers classic styles with some trendy patterns mixed in for good measure.

How we put together this list

We tried out a lot of sock subscriptions to compile this list, but here are our top six picks.

#6) The Wally Clothing Company - $12.95/month

If you love clothing, then this is definitely for you. When you sign up for a subscription with the Wally Clothing Company, you'll get four pairs of socks for a low price. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colors and styles to suit your needs and tastes. #5) The Unique Gift House - $9-$14/month

This company has two different levels when it comes to their subscriptions, depending on your needs. If you want just one pair each month or need more than that, they have options for both kinds of subscribers.