The Ultimate Guide to Sock Subscriptions

The Ultimate Guide to Sock Subscriptions

What do your socks say about you? If you don’t know yet, it’s time to find out! Sock subscriptions are the perfect way to get socks that perfectly match your personality, and they’re easier than ever to get started with today. Read on to learn all about sock subscriptions, including the different kinds of subscriptions and how to choose the right one for you! And if you want more information on what kind of socks you should be wearing and why, check out our companion piece, Sock Philosophy 101 by Dr.

Where did this trend start?

Not surprisingly, sock subscriptions began in Japan. In 2009, a company called Happy Socks started sending their">sock of the month packages to customers. Other companies followed suit and soon became popular in other parts of Asia. By 2010 they were being sold at retailers all over Europe and in early 2012 they hit North America with a bang—as did excitement for different subscription options. Today, many online sock shops are available and offer monthly socks packages as well as themed packs that can last you anywhere from three months to one year! While some offer brand-name socks at low prices, others only have custom prints or patterns from independent artists. Many even let you choose what kind of socks you want: no-show socks for women? ankle length for men?

What are the different options available?

You can choose from a variety of sock subscriptions. While most sites offer socks of the month subscriptions, some also have specialty packages, including business socks and novelty socks. Specialty packages may feature specific designs or themes. Some sites specialize in matching pairs (e.g., all black, one brown and one white) while others focus on your favorite NFL team or college colors. One company, Dress My Feet, even has a subscription program for socks that go with your favorite suit or skirt! Many sites offer">sock of the month clubs as well as several styles to choose from each month. These choices give you more options so you don’t get bored with wearing only one pair of socks each day!

How do they ship socks?

There are three main ways sock subscriptions send out their socks: in a box, with a hanger, or as a bag. Boxes come from companies like Sock It To Me and Bombas and typically contain 5 pairs of socks (1–2 thick pairs, 2–3 thin pairs). When it comes to packing styles for these boxes, Bombs uses tissue paper, while Sock It To Me uses newspaper that’s easily recycled. Hanging sock subscriptions usually come from smaller brands and individuals on Etsy who may use a reusable bag or cloth hanger in lieu of something made out of plastic or cardboard.

Questions you may have.

Do sock subscriptions really work? How can they be convenient? Why should I use a sock subscription service over just buying socks at my local department store? This post will answer all of these questions and more. It will guide you through which type of sock subscription service is right for you, as well as some of their more unique features. Once you are finished reading, you will be an expert on all things related to sock subscriptions. You will be able to talk about them with confidence and answer any questions that people may have about sock subscriptions.

One pair at a time vs. every month.

Some sock subscription services send out one pair of socks at a time, while others have a">sock of the month club where they’ll send you a fresh pair every month. If you're looking for socks that match your style and preferences, go with a single pair-at-a-time subscription service; if you just want something simple and painless to mail out each month, try an every-month option. Be aware that most of these will automatically add another month onto your plan as soon as it expires—and some will keep charging until you explicitly cancel. So make sure that canceling is easy or keep track of when your plan's renewal date is so you don't get stuck with unexpected charges!

Why should I get them?

Most people think of socks as an afterthought, but they can be so much more than that. A lot of sock subscriptions are themed around comfort, which means you can get different types and styles tailored specifically for your feet. By investing in a sock subscription, you’ll ensure that you always have a fresh pair waiting for you every time it’s laundry day and create a sense of anticipation every month when your package arrives. The best part is that as long as you take care of them, high-quality socks will last practically forever—even if they go through several washes over time. If nothing else, subscribe because your loved ones will love getting a new pair in their stocking at Christmas time!

What makes these socks better than just buying regular socks at a store?

For starters, sock subscription companies make buying socks fun. If you haven’t been keeping up with fashion trends, it can be hard to buy socks that match your style without spending a fortune on new pants just so you can wear them. With subscriptions like these, you get socks in colors and patterns that match your personality and lifestyle for as little as $10 per month. Another perk is access to different materials and special features—like cushioned heels or breathable cotton tops—that you’d have a hard time finding at your local retailer. And lastly, of course, there are plenty of options when it comes to gender-specific options.

Are they worth it?

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