The Top 8 Reasons to Join a Sock of the Month Club

The Top 8 Reasons to Join a sock of the month Club

How many times have you walked into your sock drawer and realized that you were missing socks? Or that the socks you had were too worn to wear outside of the house? A sock of the month club, or sock of the month subscription box, is here to save you from future sad sock experiences by delivering new and great quality socks straight to your door every month. If this sounds like something that would benefit your life, keep reading to learn more about eight reasons why you should join a sock of the month club now.


1) Comfortable

A sock of the month club is a subscription service that delivers new and often exciting pairs of socks each month. There are many benefits associated with joining this type of club, including:
- A unique gift for your loved ones (especially at Christmas time)
- fun socks for men (or women!) to wear on a regular basis
- crazy color dress socks for festive occasions
- cool socks for men that are comfortable, fun, and affordable.


2) Affordable

sock subscriptions are a great gift idea for men and women alike. A sock subscription is also an affordable one-time gift or recurring gift, making it perfect for any occasion. The best part about sock subscriptions is that they're not only convenient for you, but for those on your list as well!
#1: You get to choose from a variety of themes. Whether you're looking for something fun and funky like colorful socks, or something more traditional like dress socks, you'll find it in most sock of the month clubs. #2: It's affordable. With prices ranging from just $10 - $25 per month, there's no reason not to give your loved ones this thoughtful gift! #3: They're easy to use!


3) No more boring socks

If you're reading this and thinking I can buy socks from anywhere, I have one thing to say: you're wrong. The truth is, there's nothing worse than boring socks. Seriously, what is so hard about buying new, fun socks every month? You can also make it a gift for someone else and have them join the club for themselves. The best part about joining a sock of the month club is that they won't go out of style after just one season like other clothing items do. Plus, it's fun! There are so many cool options when it comes to colorful men's ankle socks, which means you'll never get tired of wearing them. If you want some more reasons why subscribing to a sock of the month club is awesome, read on!


4) Cozy in winter

Socks are a year-round gift for those who love them. And when winter comes, it's important that you're wearing socks on your feet. But with all these different types, which ones should you choose? If you're looking for warmth and comfort, we recommend wool or acrylic socks. Wool is warm because it absorbs water and retains heat, and acrylic is thick so it keeps your feet dry. We also have different colors and patterns, so if you're in need of some fun men's ankle socks or fun dress socks, we've got you covered!


5) Trendy in summer

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes two things: hot weather and bare feet. The best way to combat both is by getting yourself a sock subscription. You'll receive an awesome new pair of socks, delivered right to your doorstep every month. Plus, you won't have to worry about running out or missing out on any styles since they're delivered right to your door!


6) Fun for kids and adults

Mens cool socks are awesome. They come in all different colors and styles, you can wear them with everything, and they're comfortable! Kids love colorful socks too (see our list for best sock subscription for kids). But we don't just love socks at Wootly, we also know that these gifts are perfect for adults. Mens ankle socks in particular make great gifts because they're not too expensive but always something that people need. Whether it's a small stocking stuffer or something more extravagant, these sock subscriptions have you covered!


7) Cheaper than buying multiple pairs at a time

Wearing socks with holes in them is gross, so it's not surprising that most people would rather buy new socks than wear old ones. Buying socks one at a time can get expensive, though. A sock of the month club is an affordable alternative! Not only do they typically have fun and colorful styles, but they're cheaper than buying multiple pairs at once.


8) Stocking stuffers are always appreciated

When it comes to Christmas gifts, few things will make an impression like beautiful and thoughtful stocking stuffers. These little treasures can be anything from new socks to fancy aftershave or even chocolate truffles. Whatever you get, be sure to add these items in your shopping list this year.
1) Mens colorful ankle socks - There are many great reasons why sock subscriptions are such a great idea! The first is that they offer you variety and excitement every month with fun surprises and new trends; this way, you never need worry about being bored with your choices. Plus, sock subscriptions help save money as well because you're buying them in bulk at discounted rates that could not be matched if you were purchasing each item individually.