The Top 6 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You for a Sock Subscription

The Top 6 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You for a Sock Subscription

How many times have you found yourself frantically searching your sock drawer, only to find that you’re missing the perfect pair of socks for your outfit? For most people, this happens all too often. However, getting a sock subscription will ensure that you never have to worry about running out of clean, matching socks again. To help inspire you to go ahead and sign up for one of these subscriptions, here are six reasons why your feet will thank you.

1) Quality socks will last longer

Not only are cheap socks destined to fall apart over time, but they often don’t fit properly, either. In fact, customers have told us that it’s not uncommon for socks to stretch as much as 2 sizes after just 1 wash! This is why we offer only premium brand-name socks from popular companies like Darn Tough (USA) and Soxbox (Australia). By providing only high-quality products, you won’t be disappointed in your investment. In fact, our commitment to quality has helped us build great relationships with retailers around North America and Australia—because of their interest in what we do, we can offer you our best possible pricing on product. From wool socks to colourful dress socks—we can offer you something new every month!

2) They are well made

Not all socks are created equal. Consider that 90% of sock companies in America only make men’s and women’s socks, which don’t account for 15% of feet on Earth. Even if your sock company does include unisex socks, its sizing might not be designed to fit you correctly. A sock subscription ensures that your feet get well-made socks designed specifically with them in mind.

3) They help with odor control

Speaking of which, did you know that some socks actually help reduce foot odor? That’s because they’re made with silver, copper, and zinc that can kill microbes. And if you wear sandals more often than closed-toe shoes, it’s especially important to invest in some odor-fighting socks. They come in fun colors: Believe it or not, socks don’t have to be black and white (and gray and brown). In fact, a wide range of colors are available thanks to today's technology. For example, now you can get pairs with patterns and stripes! Who knew?

4) They keep your feet happy in shoes

Whether you’re wearing formal pumps, casual canvas sneakers or something in between, socks provide an extra layer of warmth and cushion to keep your feet happy. A comfortable shoe can often be overlooked as just that—comfortable—but wearing uncomfortable shoes is one of the most common causes of foot pain. That being said, while they’re certainly not meant to replace that pair of running shoes, sock subscriptions do make great stocking stuffers! Pair your sock subscription with a good pair of well-cushioned walking shoes and you’ll feel good all season long.

5) They protect against blisters

A good pair of socks can go a long way towards keeping your feet happy and healthy. If you’re new to sock subscriptions, you might be wondering how, exactly, socks can protect your feet from blisters. The answer is simple: any time you have moisture against skin—like when you’re wearing shoes all day—it’s going to lead to blisters. Blisters are caused by friction between your skin and either another object or another layer of skin that rubs repeatedly over each other. Good socks absorb moisture and help keep your skin in perfect shape so it doesn’t rub up against anything else underfoot—and then blister!

6) They can make you look great!

If you think about it, you probably wear socks several times each week. Wouldn’t you want them to look just as good as everything else? We all do. That’s why we selected patterns from some of our favorite artists around town and worked with leading sock manufacturers in Italy to ensure our socks are durable and look great no matter what outfit you pair them with. This is also a great time to note that men’s sock subscriptions are a fantastic gift idea, too! No matter what style your guy prefers, we have something they will love. So if you need a last-minute gift idea or your dad has shown no indication he needs new socks (but actually secretly does), order him one of these bad boys!