The Top 6 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You for a Sock Subscription

The Top 6 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You for a Sock Subscription

How many socks do you own? If you’re like most people, the answer to that question is probably quite a few, but not as many as I used to because of all those sock subscriptions I have been getting. You can thank those sock subscription services for your suddenly large sock collection, because each one comes with multiple pairs of socks each month! Here are the top six reasons your feet will thank you for that sock subscription.

1) Socks are always in style

No one is ever going to tell you that socks aren’t essential. For thousands of years, humans have been getting by on their own two feet—and in all that time, it appears they’ve always worn socks. At Philosockphy, we don’t know if we could have gotten through high school without our favorite pair of red-striped socks. But these days, there are more options than ever before. With everything from dog and dinosaur patterns to spider webs and cacti—it seems like everyone has found their signature look with no end in sight! (At least until leg warmers make a comeback.) If you don’t already have a sock subscription service lined up—you might want to get on that!

2) It helps you keep track of your socks

It’s no secret that socks (and underwear) are prone to disappearing, but it’s annoying to have to go on scavenger hunts just because you’re out of something as simple as socks. That’s where a sock subscription comes in handy. Instead of having to run around town hunting down new socks, you can simply order new ones at your leisure, or receive them monthly or quarterly based on your frequency preference. Because you can pick from different materials and patterns at each subscription level, there are options for every style and taste! It makes gift-giving easy: If you’re stuck on what kind of gift to get someone, look no further than their feet.

3) No more mismatched socks!

No matter how carefully you choose your clothes, mismatched socks will happen. Having a sock subscription eliminates that problem and ensures you’ll never have to worry about lopsided socks again. That said, there’s one more bonus reason to subscribe to a monthly sock service: it's just fun! By signing up for Philosockphy, you can be sure that you’ll receive new pairs of socks every month in an exciting variety of patterns and colors. And if that wasn't enough... think about all of your friends who are jealous when they see your new stack of Philosophyckphy socks! Every time they ask where they came from, tell them Philosockphy because clearly they haven't subscribed yet... (shameless plug).

4) When it comes to loungewear...

We know that there are certain items of clothing you don’t skimp on, but did you know that should also extend to your feet? It’s important to have just as much variety in your footwear collection. Footwear is one area where going cheap doesn’t pay off – you wear your shoes all day every day, so they should be good quality. If you think about it, having 10 pairs of mismatched socks can only lead to headaches. Instead, try getting yourself some comfy new socks from a subscription service and stop begging your friends for theirs! And hey...if you want someone else to do all of that thinking for you: subscribe to our sock club today!

5) You can never have too many socks

While it’s easy to dismiss socks as an everyday accessory, many of us don’t really appreciate just how vital they are to our everyday comfort and experience. Think about it: How much time do you spend in your socks? A lot, probably. So why wouldn’t you want to make sure they were quality socks made from quality materials? Toe-stubbing can become a thing of your past if you upgrade to natural materials like cotton or wool that tend to be far more durable than synthetic fibers. Bonus: better feet mean less pain and discomfort throughout your body as well, thanks in part to our feet being home to thousands of pressure points on their own. Who knew something so small could have such a big impact on overall well-being?

6) There is something special about luxury socks

they are made from quality materials, such as pure cashmere, silk, or merino wool; they go well with almost any outfit; and if you wear them for long enough, your feet will feel as soft as a newborn baby’s. If you are still not convinced about buying luxury socks on subscription, here are six reasons that may change your mind