The Top 5 Sock Subscriptions for Women

The Top 5 Sock Subscriptions for Women

It’s no secret that wearing the same pair of socks over and over can get boring pretty quickly. Not only does it start to feel like you don’t have enough socks, but your feet start to suffer as well, leaving you more prone to bunions, rashes, and other foot problems that come from wearing uncomfortable or poorly made socks. Luckily, there are plenty of sock subscriptions out there that make it easier than ever to keep your feet stylish and healthy! Read on for our reviews of the top 5 sock subscriptions for women.

When it comes to socks, no isn't a word you should use in your vocabulary

No when someone tries to help you put on your shoes, no when someone asks if they can borrow a pair of socks. We've found that one-size socks rarely fit all (or at least, one of us in our office), and cool socks don't come cheap; stock up on these subscription services before you're stuck wearing your boyfriend's holey crew socks. From hard-to-find sock brands to sheer fun, there are plenty of subscriptions to choose from. Here are our top five picks for sock subscriptions for women

May I suggest ...

May I suggest that, instead of buying sock after sock, you try one of these cool sock subscriptions? Sure, a few sets may get lost in transit or ripped in your haste to get them on your feet, but there’s also something oddly satisfying about tracking down a missing pair while trying on at least 10 others. A sock subscription might be just what you need to stop wasting money and start dressing like a boss. Each subscription offers something different—it’s up to you to decide which service is right for you. Here are our top five picks

If you like patterns, this is going to blow your mind.

Stance has some fun designs, and they have an Artist Series which has really cool sock themes; they have socks that look like music notes, a map of New York City, etc. Plus, it's a good way to support independent artists. If you're like me and don't want to draw attention away from your outfit with crazy patterns or colors on your socks, these are great. I've had my subscription for almost two years now and I haven't gotten one duplicate yet! They also have seasonal collections—I love getting fresh socks in fall/winter that are warm but still cute. (Side note: Stance offers free shipping if you spend over $20)

But if you prefer no pattern ...

There are times, however, when you want socks but don’t want any design. If so, there are a variety of options available to you. Many sock-of-the-month clubs offer solid options as well. Or if you want a more customized look, companies like Sock Dreams can create custom socks with your logo or favorite design on them. Some even offer customization of colors as well (though that comes at an additional cost). Regardless of your style preference, it’s likely there is a company out there that will take care of all your sock needs.

1) So what are sock subscriptions all about?

There are many benefits to sock subscriptions; after all, cool socks are always a good thing! These subscriptions are perfect for women who want to add a little color and personality to their otherwise boring sock drawers. You can even get special sock of the month socks that allow you to try out different brands and styles without committing to them – say, if you were just learning about your new favorite brand and looking for more options. If you decide that you don’t like what they send each month, you can cancel your subscription at any time (most companies will do it automatically). In general, most subscriptions include 4-5 pairs of socks delivered on a monthly basis.