The Top 5 Reasons You Should Give the Gift of a Sock Subscription This Christmas

The holidays are upon us, and that means gift-giving season has officially begun. Whether you’re shopping for your family members or friends, you’ll want to make sure that you’re giving the perfect present every time. But what if we told you there was a way to guarantee success? What if we said that there was a way to ensure your holiday shopping was done in one fell swoop, so that all you had left to do was wrap? Here’s how...

1) No more last minute shopping

Last minute shopping is never fun. It's stressful, expensive, and leaves you with nothing to do on the big day. Not to mention it can be hard for some people to find what they're looking for in stores. That's why we recommend giving the gift of a Sock Subscription this Christmas. Not only will your loved one get something they love, but they'll also get it every month! Plus, we guarantee that there's no way you'll find them something better than this...

2) No worries about sizes

Sock Subscriptions are the perfect gift for anyone. Not only do they come with a variety of socks so you don't have to worry about size, but you can also customize your subscription to have one pair per month, three pairs per month, or six pairs per month.

Sock Subscriptions are also very affordable and make for an easy gift. The best part is that every new subscriber enters into our monthly giveaway where they could win up to $500 in prizes!

3) Low maintenance gifting

One of my favorite things about gifting people with a Sock Subscription is how low maintenance it is. Once they receive their first package, they're set for months with no need to shop or remember to update their sock drawer. If you want to make sure your gift recipient will be fully stocked in socks this winter, our 6-month subscription is just $33 and includes free shipping!

You can't go wrong with this one. A pair of cozy socks that can be worn inside or outside - for any occasion! Plus if you sign up for our 12-month subscription ($47), you'll get free shipping. It's not too late to get in on these deals either - we're accepting orders until December 20th!

4) Always on trend socks

socks are one of those things we all need, but don't usually want to buy for ourselves. That's why giving a subscription to your favorite pair-provider is such an excellent gift idea! Here are five reasons you should give the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas.

1) There's no way they'll be caught wearing their old socks with these new ones coming every month!

2) If you live in an area where there's snow on the ground most of the year, then they'll never have to worry about not having warm enough feet again.

3) When they inevitably spill ketchup and mustard all over their clothes at lunch, it's nice that they can just slip off their soiled socks and replace them with a fresh pair.

5) They make great stocking stuffers!

If you're not sure what to buy for your loved ones this Christmas, consider giving them the gift of free socks. It might seem like an odd choice, but it's actually one of the most practical gifts you can give! Here are five reasons why:

- They make great stocking stuffers! socks are small and easy to wrap, which makes them perfect as small presents. Plus, they're fun to open because they usually have an adorable design on them.

- They'll last for years and years. If you buy quality socks from brands like Gold Toe or Wigwam, then they'll last through multiple washes and still look brand new decades later.