The Top 10 Sock and Tie Combinations to Make You Look Sharp

The Top 10 Sock and Tie Combinations to Make You Look Sharp

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1) Plain Patterned Ties

Doing your tie the same way every day is boring. It's time to shake it up with some cool new combinations. Here are the top ten cool and comfortable combinations for you to try out this season:

2) Textured Ties - Textured ties are perfect if you want a little more texture in your outfit, but don't want something too bold. Like plain patterned ties, they go with anything and are easy to dress up or dress down.

2) Bold Colour Ties

3) Classic Black & White Combo

4) Subtle Colours

5) Suits That Go Further

6) Stand Out From the Crowd

7) Mismatched Madness

8) Striking Patterns with Contrasting Shirts

9) Keep it Simple with Solid Stripes

10) Patterned Solids are Perfect