The Time is NOW to Join the Sock of the Month Club

The Time is NOW to Join the sock of the month Club

If you love to find creative gifts for your family and friends, the sock of the month Club from Philosockphy Socks is exactly what you’re looking for! These aren’t just any old boring socks, either; they are cool socks that will keep you (and those around you) in a positive mood every day of the month. Right now, you can join the club at an exclusive reduced price, which will be extended through December of 2018 so there’s no time like the present to buy some amazing socks at discounted prices!

cool socks are everywhere

at brunch, out for happy hour, even on our Instagram feeds. It makes sense: what’s not to love about a stylish pair of socks? But it also means there are plenty of them out there; we’re all looking at a lot of cool socks. Sometimes, though, cool just isn’t enough. We don’t just want a nice sock—we want something that speaks volumes. That’s why when you sign up for Philosockphy socks you'll get more than just a simple sock subscription.

What makes philosophy different

Philosockphy is different from other sock subscriptions because we have designed a sock that does double duty. The socks are not only comfortable, but also stylish and for all ages. They are very thin and breathable, so they do not make your feet hot in shoes. We have included a terry cloth texture on one side of each sock for wiping sweat off your face when you need it most! In addition, philosophy does not believe in spending money on marketing or fancy packaging which leads to savings for customers. Our goal is to provide a great quality product at an affordable price. As a special bonus we also offer free shipping on every purchase above $10! Now what more could you ask for?

How do I get them?

Subscription-based businesses have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more people are willing to give monthly subscriptions a try. Some companies with subscription services include (but aren’t limited to) Loot Crate, NatureBox, and Dollar Shave Club. The following steps outline how you can use my philosophy-socks example above—as well as information from some of these other subscription-service businesses—to create your own sock of the month club

Why do people love their new subscription so much?

It’s no secret that socks make great gifts for both men and women. However, when you are looking for a great gift for yourself, it can be hard to know where to look. Fortunately, with Philosocks’ new sock of the month club, even self-gifting has never been easier. Here at Philosocks we have some really cool socks available each month and all you have to do is select your favorite style and color combination. There are plenty of subscription boxes out there but ours comes with our amazing 100% satisfaction guarantee so there’s no reason not to join! With every order you will receive high quality socks that are made right here in America so they will last a long time!

Join Now!

If you’re as big a sock aficionado as I am, then you know that these incredible accessories add tons of personality and flair to your outfit. They also make an excellent gift for men and women. The problem? Finding high-quality socks can be daunting. There are just so many options out there! Which ones should you go with? Well, here’s where things get interesting: when you join Philosockphy, you gain access to a sock subscription service that delivers fresh pairs every month. Not only do members enjoy unparalleled choice – from brands like For Bare Feet and Stance – but they also have their socks conveniently delivered right to their doorsteps! They really couldn’t make it any easier than that!