The Socks You Wear Reveal Your Personality

The Socks You Wear Reveal Your Personality

What does the sock you wear to work say about you? Is it boring and generic? Or does it reflect who you are and where you’re going in life? If you’re still wearing white tube socks with little black dress shoes, it’s time to move on, because if you don’t start wearing socks that match your personality and style, people won’t take you seriously and business will suffer! This article on the socks you wear reveals what they say about your personality.

Do you wear fun socks or comfort socks

Everyone has a pair of socks they can’t live without, and most people are loyal to their pairs. But if you’re curious about what your socks say about you, try pairing them with personality types. You might be surprised! We all have our own reasons for choosing certain items, but knowing why we choose certain clothing and accessories helps us understand who we are and what we value in life. It can also help us pick items that align with our personality type when shopping for gifts or clothes.

Do you match your shoes with your socks

Some people have a favorite pair of shoes that they wear every day—but what about your socks? Most people don’t think about it, but how you dress your feet is a good indication of how you see yourself. If you match socks and shoes, you’re most likely in control of other aspects of your life. But if you tend to wear mismatched socks or no socks at all, it might just mean that things come up more often than not and there’s little room for planning ahead in general. Do you love vibrant colors or are all-black ensembles more your style? While we can’t say conclusively what an individual says about their personality by their sock choices, we know what cultural stereotypes abound with color selection.

Do you sport stripey, argyle, striped, polka dot or Christmas stockings

This season’s most popular socks are colourful and bright. Wearing patterned socks will increase your energy level, and boost your creativity. People with patterned socks are outgoing, fun loving, cheerful and adaptable. They have a lot of confidence in themselves and tend to make friends easily. Outgoing people can get along with anybody. If you have time for yourself, you probably need to wear Christmas stockings during winter because they will create a good mood in you. Christmas stocking can be used as cozy warmers for people who like intense physical activity. But keep one thing in mind that winter is about resting so make sure that there are other pairs for these days too!

Are your socks boring

If you’re like most men, your sock drawer consists of all black socks and a pair or two of white athletic socks. Plain, boring, bland. That’s not just an aesthetic judgment; there’s science behind it. Researchers from the University of New South Wales found that people who wear colorful clothing can command more respect than those who don’t — that is, if you're wearing color in a strategic way. Those whose work involves lots of contact with others should opt for brighter colors, but only to enhance their image and make others feel more comfortable around them, lead researcher Molly Bray told The Huffington Post . While bright colors tend to have a positive effect on how people see us, we shouldn't go overboard with it.

Are your socks themed - Disney, comic, sports etc.

____Yes ____No If yes, what theme: ___________________________________ Are your socks colorful or patterned? Yes___ No___ Have you ever worn over-the-knee socks? Yes ___ No ___ Are your socks made of wool: __ Yes__ __ No ____ What brand are your favorite pair of socks from?: _____________________________

Do you use invisible sock liners

Do you regularly wear invisible sock liners under your socks to eliminate friction and reduce sweating? Or are you one of those people who like a bit of friction in their life? Do you believe that having too much order and structure can be stifling? Do you try to minimize everything in your life? Invisible sock liners reveal more about us than we think. If you use them, then chances are, your personality leans towards being a hard worker and overachiever. But if you prefer socks without liners, then it could mean that you tend to break rules as well as want things done on your own terms rather than someone else’s.