The Socks That You Wear Say a Lot About You

The Socks That You Wear Say a Lot About You

What socks do you wear to work every day? It might seem like an insignificant choice, but your sock of the month subscription says a lot about you and your brand. Whether you wear knee-highs, ankle-highs, or no-show socks at all, your sock choices speak volumes about what kind of person you are in your professional life. This isn’t just about looking good; it’s about being memorable and representing yourself positively to clients, coworkers, and other business contacts. Here are three things that your sock of the month subscription says about you.

10 Common Footwear Styles

Everyone has their own sense of style and fashion, but when it comes to choosing socks, everyone can use some guidance. Here are 10 common footwear styles and tips on how to match your personality to your sock selection. Are you ready to learn what they say about you? Don’t be afraid; socks are fun!

Each style has its own personality

Simple, sturdy, functional – these are just some of the adjectives that could be used to describe an athletic sock. These socks provide comfort and protection for anyone who exercises or spends time outdoors. They keep your feet dry and comfortable by wicking moisture away from your skin to help keep you cool. But athletic socks aren’t just practical; they also provide plenty of fashion options. Pair these simple socks with flashy sneakers or casual shoes for a look that fits your personality. The fashion world may not be split in half by color, but it is divided between those who wear white athletic socks under their jeans and boots and those who don’t! Here are three things your colorful sock choices say about you

Which style are you?

Are you looking for more business clients, but not sure where to find them? When it comes to client acquisition, target marketing is essential. In order to reach your ideal customer in a meaningful way, you need to know exactly who they are. Take the following quiz and we’ll tell you which category of socks best describes you. Then, learn how you can use your preferred sock style as an effective target marketing tool! Ready? Let’s go! What kind of socks do you wear most often? Are they high-quality and stylish? What colors do they tend to be: solid or multi-colored?

Color Coordinated

If you wear different socks for different occasions, you’re in good company. Most men have at least one pair of dress socks to pair with their suits. And even if you’re not quite formal enough to own a whole suit sock collection, some people might be able to make assumptions about your personality based on what color your dress socks are and how they match (or don’t) with other clothing that you wear. For example, if your pants and shoes are navy blue, but your socks are orange or yellow, people might think you’re flamboyant and creative—even if those thoughts aren’t necessarily true!

Plain Colored

There are many types of socks on the market today. Whether you want to wear plain colored or colorful socks, everyone is different in what they like. However, it does seem that more people would rather wear plain colored socks than those with pictures or designs on them. Plain colored socks do not have any colorful designs or images, but these are usually found in departments stores and do come in various colors. In fact, most department stores that sell men’s clothing now have sections where they only sell plain colored socks. People who prefer plain colored socks also tend to buy their clothing from such stores as well.

No socks

If you don’t wear socks, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just know that not wearing socks often sends a signal to others. If you don’t wear them, people may assume you just didn’t have any on hand or that they weren’t part of your outfit planning process. Either way, they may perceive you as unkempt and careless when it comes to dress and appearance.

Lace Up/Boots or Shoes

Depending on your social group, you might have become accustomed to wearing a specific type of shoe and not realize that it’s actually an important part of your look. For example, if you wear Vans to work every day because they're comfortable and stylish and you consider yourself low-key, you may want to reconsider when it comes time for presentations. Those sneakers scream hipster and could cause people in your audience to write you off as unprofessional. On some occasions, such as at lunch with friends or at happy hour drinks with coworkers, it's totally acceptable to lace up or slip into boots.