The Sock Subscription that Takes the Guesswork Out of Pairing Socks with Ties


How many times have you left the house wearing a tie and thought, Hmmm, I really like this tie today...but I wonder what socks would go with it? Whether you’re the sort of person who just doesn’t think about this or the kind of person who gets stuck in these sorts of dilemmas all the time, Sock Club could be a great solution to your matching-socks-with-ties conundrum.

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Tailored Socks

Philosophy starts at the shoe. Philosockphy, a company based in Toronto, Canada, is an exclusive">sock subscription service for men, who struggle to match their socks and ties on their own. The Philosockphy team offers a curated collection of socks for menswear in classic colors. You can even get funky with colorful socks or dress socks for work or fun-colored ankle socks to wear on your feet. The best part? You don't need to worry about matching them yourself! They will send you two pairs every month so you'll always have a pair ready in your drawer without having to think about it. Best thing ever?

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Identify Your Style

I have always been a fan of socks. I wear them all year round, and my feet are always warm. They're also a fun way to express yourself through colors and patterns. If you love having fun with your style and don't want to be limited by what's in your dresser drawer, then look no further than The">sock subscription Club!
The perfect gift for any man in your life, or something to treat yourself to every month, this">sock subscription service will change your life. With a new pair delivered each month, it's like Christmas morning all year long!


Match to Pants and Shoes

It's important to match your socks to your pants and shoes. If you wear a suit, a dress shoe, and a short pant, then the best sock choice would be white or black ankle socks. But if you wear long pants, loafers, and brown dress shoes? Then crazy color dress socks are perfect!


Consider Pattern Directionality

A lot of people don't know this, but socks come in two different directions. Some go from the top to bottom and others go from left to right (aka toe-to-heel). Here's how you can tell which direction your socks are going: Pull on a sock and see if it starts at your toes or heel. If it goes on starting at your toes, then it is a toe-to-heel sock. If it goes on starting at your heel, then it is a heel-to-toe sock.


Coordinate Patterns

Having a hard time matching your socks to your tie? We're here to help! With awesome socks for men, cool mens socks and cool dress socks, we have all the colors you need in order to coordinate your outfit. With our monthly">sock subscription service, we'll make sure you have the perfect pair of fun socks for every day. Plus, if you're looking for a gift for someone who loves dressing up, we've got you covered. Our fun mens ankle socks are not only stylish but also super functional - no more shoe-sock tan lines! Our sock club is perfect for anyone who wants to mix up their look without having to spend too much time matching patterns.


Avoid Contrasting Patterns

A common problem for men is matching their socks to their tie. It's a time-consuming process, and it's not always easy to find a perfect match. If you're looking for the perfect socks to go with your tie, this guide will show you how.">sock subscriptions remove the guesswork by sending you a new pair each month in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The best">sock subscription services take into account what color suits best suit your wardrobe, so they'll send you purple ankle socks if that's what you need or colourful socks if those are more your style.